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xml Copy Editor

2015-11-05 23:47    By:neal      View:29      Download:0

xml Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating xml editor, focusing on editing document markup languages like DITA, DocBook, WordprocessingML. It features DTD/xml Schema/RELAX NG validation, XSLT, XPath, pretty-printing, syntax highlighting, folding, tag completion/locking, and a spelling/sty...

Other C++

Used to generate xml documents

2015-05-06 04:33    By:Cplusplus      View:21      Download:0

More convenient programming of xml document generation tools, simple, useful, is open source program that can be easily integrated into the individual building project, don't need you to rework...

tinyxm. C++

xml file processing C++ development

2015-07-30 20:17    By:guoshunchao1324      View:20      Download:0

Based on Tinyxml, developed using C++ xml the file handler, currently is possible to modify, there is interested can continue to add...

Other C++

xml to excel converter C# desktio based window application

2015-03-30 14:54    By:adhikari      View:82      Download:0

xml is a platform independent language, so the information formatted in xml can be used in any other platforms (Operating Systems). xml is a self describing language and it gives the data as well as the rules to identify what the data it contains.Here we are going to read from an xml file content an...

Windows C#

Qt xml parsing

2015-08-17 01:53    By:will      View:41      Download:0

xml parsing and handling is supported through SAX and DOM compliant APIs. Qt's SAX compliant classes allow you to parse xml incrementally; the DOM classes enable more complex document-level operations to be performed on xml files. The example launcher provided with Qt can be used to...

Data C++

xml Edit c#

2015-04-02 07:56    By:nahual22      View:19      Download:0

Project that contains a class to update and insert data in xml file,  It is a simple example of how to access the parts and components of an xml in c #....

CSharp C#

fast c++ xml parser

2015-10-19 03:18    By:waiwai      View:27      Download:1

this is a pertty xml c++ parser,if you need xpath, please download my other source (fast c++ xpath parser).in code has a xmltest , this test the parser and show you how to use the parser....

Data C++

Dom parsing xml file management system

2015-04-06 07:59    By:问月      View:12      Download:0

Dom parsing xml files to implement school management system, available for the novice to learn xml document parsing, and code is very clear, absolutely help novices learn....

Java Development Java

Qt deletions check modification operations on xml files

2015-11-24 12:46    By:yumeiguo      View:13      Download:0

1. Create an xml file,2. Add a node, or add 2,3,4-level node3. Set the key value added4. Add the specified node keys5. Find the key6. Delete key7. Read the key...

File C++


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