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ADO regularly deletes the specified table in the DataBase

ADO method deletes the specified table in the DataBase on a regular basis, accessing SQL 2000 DataBase through ADO, regular delete specifies the type of data in the DataBase tables      ...

DataBase mysql

mysql connectio in delphi Hints: You would earn points (0 - 20) based on the quality of your source codes and the description. Low quality, duplicate codes or poor described will be deleted.  ...

Book List from DataBase

This code will give brief idea about forming a book list in DataBase and how to implement in c# which makes it easier for selector to choose best options for selecting a book from list....

Android DataBase connection With SQLite

This project shows the DataBase connection with the sqllite using the android. the project tells us about the sqlite connectivity with the android DataBase and shows the connection and other classes to use, the sqlite is the lite weight DataBase used to store the data in the android os device. and p...

Class for doing administrative tasks of a MS SQL Server DataBase.Such as backup,restore,shrink.

Class for doing administrative tasks of a MS SQL Server DataBase.Such as backup,restore,shrink....

Program for working with the DataBase.

Program for working with the DataBase. Developed in Embarcader RAD XE3. On Delphi....

C# stock DataBase management source

C# stock DataBase management source, can bulit and run,  project is all open source.1. the project uses .net2.0 c#,2. the project uses vs2010 project tool,3. the project function finish writing and reading access2007 DataBase.4. the projec also provider nice applic...

How to upload picture and save picture information to DataBase using extended DataBase class method

This project is designed to upload picture into a picture folder and upload resized picture into four different folders which are sub folders of picture folder. The project contain two major folders (include and public folder), your will find the front end activities program in the public folder whi...

MFC ADO to connect to the DataBase

ADO to connect SQL DataBase source code simple implementation of ADO to connect to the DataBase, for example, to test OK; Welcome to download...

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