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ELM-extreme learning machine

Extreme learning machine algorithms, such as pattern recognition, nonlinear regression. I hope that can help you .......

Active learning for interactive Image Retrieval

The project domain is Active learning for interactive Image Retrieval. This project has five modues namely ComparableImage,ImageUtility,RgbProjections,SimilarityImages and the Retrieval. It shows graphical records of the images also. ...

machin learning

hi I'm new in programing with matlab. I have to implemented a paper who use some algorithm and learning approach like decision tree. please help me....

multiobjective comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization

The source contains multiobjective comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization source and ZDT test suite and the ture Pareto front in multiobjective optimization.and the ture pareto front of DTLZ1 and DTLZ2 also contains....

Xawtv V4L2 source code good learning examples

Xawtv V4L2 source code good learning examples V4L2 Linux c programming language video image processing...

Multi task learning

The source code of paper "Feature Hashing for Large Scale Multitask learning".Empirical evidence suggests that hashing is aneffective strategy for dimensionality reduction and practical nonparametric estimation. we provide exponential tail bounds for fea-ture hashing and show that the inte...

Intelligent algorithms for MATLAB super learning manual

The MATLAB algorithms super learning manual CD attached with the books, the manual of intelligent algorithms for MATLAB super learning contents on Markov chain model, AHP, Particle Swarm Optimization, genetic algorithms, Ant Colony algorithms, algorithm, neural network PID control algorithm, algorit...

E-learning Miner

E-learning Miner, formerly DŽEMUj is a tool for data mining from e-learning data. Aimed for teachers....

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