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File reads the resolution into the ORACLE database

AL2-format File, modify the code to insert txt Files and so on, assign values to parse the File entity, fixed format and instead insert ORACLE database records...

File based on UDP protocol asynchronous transfer

Based on UDP protocol asynchronous transfer of Files. Based on . NET UDP programming primarily use UdpClient class implementation. UdpClient class provides simple methods for use in blocking synchronous mode for sending and receiving connectionless UDP datagrams. Because UDP is a connectionle...

File server

File server, File server source code and detailed client source code is very useful...


In this tutorial, you'll build a simple, centralized, connection-oriented Java server. In doing so, you'll learn a basic framework that you can use when creating such a server, using time-honored techniques that work well in many situations. We'll also examine some of the limitations of this fram...

File to Array Converter

Description: It is very nice to build programs without dependence on picture or sound external Files!!!Here is the solution! This converter converts a choosen File to Java byte array that may be used by createImage method (for example)....

File transfer

Technology used: used to select multi-threaded, asynchronous communication model, read large Files while tarball also contains some relevant information. Start the program twice, one as a transmitter and a receiver. Files can specify the storage path when you receive, or you can rename....

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