android usb driver

2015-02-25 01:43    By:jettleman      View:121      Download:0

Written by a Japanese Android usb drivers that can drive most of ftgi chip, which contains some reference source code, which is a driver file ftdriver package, using the reference source code is needed to drive the package into the reference source code so you can use driver package...

android Java

Cypress usb Device driver Example

2015-04-15 21:41    By:Jinwoo      View:150      Download:1

  The CYusb.SYS driver is licensed for distribution ONLY with Cypress usb products and products that employ Cypress usb chips.   CYusb.SYS is a usb device driver for 32 bit windows 2000, 32/64 bit windows XP, 32/64 bit windows Vista and 32/64bit windows 7(Vista version...

Driver Development C

usb view application

2015-01-09 22:20    By:Thinakaran.k      View:63      Download:2

C++ based application interacts with windows drivers and retrieve the list enumerated usb devices connected. ...

Driver Development C++

usb AVR ISP program

2015-02-11 02:33    By:viewpp      View:77      Download:0

Micropendous usb AVR Development Boards by Opendous Inc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents:   (1)  Introduction   (2)  Archive Contents   (3)  Support   (4)  License (1) Introduction -----------...

Driver Development C


2015-02-26 13:28    By:whaidong123      View:42      Download:0

Mini2440 based usb host function, read and write data capabilities. Download the program works through the usb source S3C2440. DNW completed with the usb download function can also be downloaded to the NandFlash....

Driver Development C

usbviewer in mfc

2015-04-10 06:42    By:peter      View:38      Download:0

usbView is a lightweight and portable tool that allows you to find out technical details regarding all usb flash drives that are currently connected to the computer. The executable file can simply be dropped on any place of the hard drive, in order to directly run it. Alternatively, you can sto...

Windows C++

windows core programming 5th edition (PDF) and the Source

2015-04-09 23:09    By:nk_sl      View:149      Download:0

windows core programming 5th edition (PDF) and the Source .windows core programming is to explain the internal mechanisms of the windows operating system, a monograph. Starting from the basic concept of a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the windows underlying implementation mechanisms,...

Windows Kernel C++

FT2232H usb to I2C interface

2015-03-15 05:40    By:eeooff      View:72      Download:0

usb to I2C Inteface using FT2232H Overview: This example project for the FT2232H demonstrates how to use the device's Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) to make a usb to I2C bus interface using the FT2232H. The executable application and full project code are provided. Req...

Driver Development C++

usb Support in Phyton as sourcecode

2015-02-04 03:21    By:juppeck      View:13      Download:0

This is a package that contains the support routines for in Phyton for the usb. This is just an integration test an can use to show how the Libusb are accessible under PHYTON language in a windows environment-...

Windows Python

C# usbEject

2015-02-24 13:58    By:trimitu      View:21      Download:0

usbEject is the best and faster solution to safe remove your usb device without damage. This application is developed by C# with Win32 API wrapper (CM_xx API)...

Windows C#

usb application programming

2015-02-04 03:17    By:sking2008      View:55      Download:0

usb编程的简单应用,很好理解~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Windows C++

FPGA Receiver in HDL projects Implementation of usb

2015-03-31 15:03    By:ASHISH      View:52      Download:1

FPGA Receiver in HDL projects Implementation of usb   main idea is to develop a receiver application which works for all applications. This receiver is implemented using VHDL usb2.0. We will test this receiver by downloading it in to FPGA. In this project Universal Seria...

Windows Matlab

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using DeviceIOControl easy

2015-03-06 23:19    By:jianhaoran      View:63      Download:1

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using DeviceIOControl easy usb communication, VC6 compile, and beginners to learn....

Windows C++

Ez-usb communications PC-side program uses DeviceIOControl made easy

2015-04-13 12:51    By:jianhaoran      View:110      Download:1

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using DeviceIOControl easy usb communications, also gets the data section is displayed at the right time, you can dynamically display data into a curve, the VC6 compiled, worth learning for beginners....

Windows C++

adsp m25p16 driver

2015-04-03 05:49    By:huoqiqiang      View:72      Download:1

ADSP m25p16 driver code, I personally tested, you can download the trial. Connect the cable, Visual DSP++ Environment loaded in the drive. To download or read the information w25q16....

Driver Development C

Lab windows code

2015-03-20 22:40    By:smanganoti      View:78      Download:0

Microsoft windows is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft introduced an operating environment named windows on November 20, 1985 as a graphical operating system shell for&n...

Windows Kernel C

This program will change windows power scheme via its dialogbox and restore it back using Power APIs.

2015-03-28 01:39    By:maddog      View:386      Download:0

This program will change windows power scheme by Power APIs via its dialogbox. Valid windows are Vista or later version windows.  ...

Windows C++

windows enable and disable the network card

2015-01-27 04:02    By:wfjcomeon      View:57      Download:0

windows enable and disable the network card, by clicking on my connection, right property, you can not enable the program to disable the card must be enabled by the program.Mainly through the windows system api interface implementation. The program passed the practical test and application, you can...

Windows Visual C++

windows programming in English

2015-02-12 09:37    By:xylongxing      View:51      Download:0

windows programming, introduction, hope to those who need help...

Windows C++

Contact manager for windows using azure

2015-02-25 01:00    By:manan7008      View:78      Download:0

windows Azure is a cloud service provided by Microsoft windows.Here one the source code of contact manager.That stores the contact in azure account.The application is for windows 8 and later....

Windows C#

windows shut down applet

2015-04-11 01:34    By:child      View:50      Download:0

VB Development windows Auto shutdown function, call the API function, timing shutdown, shutdown, delay cancel the shutdown function....

Windows VB

ICTL windows

2014-11-23 23:00    By:zhiye_wang      View:27      Download:0

Acquiring IOCTL application in windows, including methods of obtaining MAC addresses. IOCTL function under Linux combine use of struct arpreq structures...

windows C++

Create windows Restore Point

2015-03-13 19:12    By:ajt      View:28      Download:0

This is Delphi 2010 code to set a restore point in windows XP and up.  It is a standalone program but can also be embedded into other programs where a restore point is required (e.g. installers)....

Windows Delphi

window API of programmatic control and traverse the hard disk directory is created

2014-11-29 09:45    By:365617581      View:54      Download:0

API of programmatic control and traverse the hard disk directory is created, and is very helpful for students  to learn windowS programming...

Windows C

windows Programming , Fifth Edition sample source code

2015-02-07 02:19    By:cannibal      View:59      Download:0

The fifth edition of windows programming CD source, VS can compile....

Windows Visual C++

dropbox client for windows phone 8

2014-12-17 06:38    By:luckydiver      View:98      Download:0

A windows Phone 8 application that helps youTake a pictureChoose a filenameStore it on dropbox All with minimal user interaction.Made purely for my own purposes. Code quality is pretty awful, but the thing works. If you're a MVVM nazi, this code will give you the shivers....

Windows C#

VFP DLL callback function is used to write windows Service service programs

2015-02-11 08:27    By:xiaodao      View:108      Download:0

VFP no callback function using external DLL implements a callback. Under windows service implemented as a register, log out, run, stop this function. VFP program can also be started as a service. Sell, improper please make perfect....

Windows VB

Custom usb device drivers (non-CDC)

2015-04-15 21:41    By:hi-jk      View:35      Download:0

C8051f340 microcontroller-based enumeration to custom usb device, upper-AP via the driver, and the underlying hardware FIRMWARE in program communication....

Driver Development C

Stm32usb reader

2015-03-29 04:25    By:wangxiaoxin198985      View:40      Download:0

Download this program can be a good learning usb read-write, do a usb card reader that can read and write with the STM32, and read and write content can be displayed on the screen, is helpful for all development reader...

Driver Development C

usbHID device read/write source

2015-03-30 03:35    By:suse110      View:138      Download:2

Packaged usb HID driver, based on MFC, this version belongs to the debug version, might be having a little trouble, but test all HID devices can open and identify the inserted PC...

Driver Development C++


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