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The project “Online Courier & Cargo System” delivery status and notification System is being developed for the need of company running simultaneously courier & cargo service this is specially meant for their frontline user service information. This is one of the best efforts by us to...


Its an Swing Based To select the specified region click the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer and click  the left button to complete the operation and to get the screen shot of the selected region....

Face Recognition

%% Face Recognition % This algorithm uses the eigenFace System (Based on pricipal component % analysis - PCA) to recognize Faces. For more information on this method % refer to %% Download the Face Database % You can find the Database at the follwoing l...

RPCA MATLAB matrix recovery code

This is the matrix by YI MA team recovery study prepared by the code snippet library, include the exact_ALM and inexact_alm methods for solving the specific code and sample code, and detailed description of the MATLAB code is a good package. PROPACK code inside package, very complete breakfast....


Although I evil if the break sent shares of the Al, college entrance examination this year that year, card key cartilage rude self Allan the Ramen Accra; unthinkfulness, spicy Alameda Akon I Mel development threshold account for you what are you looking at do you know Li Kemu, huh,;,, ...

Inventory Management System Using Powerbuilder 10.5

The inventory management System (IMS) is Database software,it is developed Using the PowerBuilder 10.5The feature of IMS as following:-1.       Handle Master Items data2.       More than one store3.       Handle the vendors &customers master data4. &n...

Face Recognition by LDA

Matlab Code for Face Recognition Based on LDA Algorithm -FisherFace- on ORL_Faces (image Face Database)...

Face Recognition + PCA + SVM

A novel approach for solving Face Recognition problem. Our method combines 2D Principal Component Analysis  (2DPCA), one of the prominent methods for extracting feature vectors, and Support Vector Machine (SVM), the  most powerful discriminative method for classi...

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