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VHDL Design washing machine controller

Washing machine controller functions:1. Use of a key to achieve manual selection of the washing program, the washing, rinsing, dehydration, rinsing + dehydration, washing + rinsing + dehydration mode five free choice.2. lights display the working status of the washing machine, the CCP used in the de...

VHDL crossover procedure

I use the method of binary frequency divider, this crossover frequency can only be 2n-th, there is limited, but it is...

Rijndael the VHDL language

Rijndael algorithm (AES) of the VHDL language. Advanced Encryption Standard (English: Advanced Encryption Standard, abbreviation: AES), also known as Rijndael encryption method in cryptography, a block encryption standard adopted by the US federal government. This standard is used to replace the ori...

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