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Images defogging matlab code

img_name='1.jpg'; % Original images I=double(imread(img_name))/255; % Get the image size [h,w,c]=size(I); win_size = 5; img_size=w*h; dehaze=zeros(img_size*c,1); dehaze=reshape(dehaze,h,w,c); figure, imshow(I); win_dark=zeros(img_size ,1); for cc=1:img_size win_dark(cc)=1; end win_...

2013-11-24 03:23

genetic algorithms matlab code

% This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify% it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by% the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option)% any later version....

SSB simulation matlab code

To facilitate communication over large distances, modulation is the right key. Different parameters of the transmitted signal are varied as per the system requirement. Single Side Band (SSB) is the refined form of Amplitude Modulation providing bandwidth and power efficiencies. In this paper we an...

2014-08-21 05:13

fft tutorial using matlab

This is a simple tutorial to understand fft algorithm using matlab and this tutorial contain 1 Getting to Know the fft 2 Review of Transforms 3 Understanding the DFT 4 matlab and the fft 5 Spectrum Analysis with the fft and matlab...

BPSK modulator matlab code

BPSK modulation and demodulation with matlab code. Program can run in matlab version 6 or higher....

2014-09-05 00:44

Leach Protocol matlab code

Leach Protocol improvement of cluster-head selection algorithm and simulation in improvement of LEACH. H agreement on the cluster head node in the electoral process, and residual energy full consideration of the cluster head node, set the energy thresholds the cluster head, preventing the cluster he...

2014-09-09 03:19
by atai

Image processing matlab code

This code contain different function in image processing like add of 2 images ,segmentation,............

2014-09-12 01:14
by ryma

Median filter matlab code

In image processing, it is necessary to get better quality image. So here I have implemented median filter code and its algorithm for removing noise....

2014-09-18 09:02

Practical navigation matlab code

Inertial navigation system and GPS navigation code to achieve the position and velocity of the output, input for inertial measurement data, including the angular velocity and acceleration of information, 15 States the combination navigation equations are equations, observations and 6 State equations...

Digital modulation matlab code

ASK, FSK, PSK and QPSK are digital modulation techniques. This code will be helpful in many different projects, related to digital communication or wireless communication. it is very easy to understand, just need a bit background knowledge....

2014-10-25 00:03
by Adil
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