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LEACH multi-hop protocols matlab code, comment more, simple and understandable

2015-03-26 03:53    By:strawhat      View:184      Download:1

LEACH multi-hop protocols, in LEACH protocol based on modifications to achieve, for the cluster head node cannot directly communicate with the base station environment. Among cluster heads by way multihop relay transmission, eventually to serve base stations. Communication protocols implemented by M...

Communication Matlab

Fingerprint Recognition System Full matlab code

2 hours ago    By:hamdouch      View:118      Download:2

Fingerprint Recognition System V2 : Discover The Least Developed Technique For FingerPrint Recognition, Based On The Matching Between The Euclidean Distance And Filter Gabor....

Image Processing Matlab

Application of compressed sensing, single-pixel cameras and matlab code

2015-03-21 09:45    By:xuyuanye      View:341      Download:2

Rice University -pixel camera has a depth of research, single-pixel camera is new an application of compressed sensing, including sparse representation, measurement matrix algorithm in three parts. This code is experimental code matlab single-pixel cameras compressive sensing image restoration, from...

压缩感知 Matlab

BP neural network time series forecasting matlab code

2015-03-23 05:26    By:likelike      View:55      Download:1

I wrote in matlab code for mathematical modeling in the process, fully usable, feature is the use of BP neural network to forecast time series contains data in matlab format, easy to run tests, very suitable for beginners....

时间序列 Matlab

Firefly algorithm for TSP problem matlab code

2015-03-26 05:57    By:消失的地平线      View:538      Download:22

This code is the recent intelligent swarm algorithm for TSP problem, Firefly algorithm with fast convergence features of rapid convergence to the optimal solution, and the Firefly algorithm for discretization to adapt to solve TSP problem....

Computer Cluster Matlab

Palmprint identification _ _ morphological erosion and dilation positioning segmentation algorithm _matlab source

2015-01-23 09:22    By:小帆爱吃糖      View:294      Download:1

For edge segmentation with good results. % Second algorithm uses a morphological erosion and dilation in. Firstly, low pass filtering the image to eliminate the interference of small noise. % When filtering, does not use the traditional median filter, instead of using order statistics filter ordfilt...

Image Processing Matlab

matlab code for RGB to HSV color conversion and also to separate H plane, S plane and V plane

2015-02-17 04:25    By:savitha      View:111      Download:0

This is the matlab source code for RGB to HSV color conversion and also to separate H plane, S plane and V plane....

Shell Script Matlab

matlab code for naive bayes classifier

2015-03-13 04:31    By:anju      View:98      Download:1

A naive Bayes classifier is a simple probabilistic classifier based on applying Bayes' theorem with strong (naive) independence assumptions. A more descriptive term for the underlying probability model would be "independent feature model". An overview of statistical classifiers is given in the artic...

Other Matlab

matlab code

2015-02-19 05:58    By:santosh      View:12      Download:0

code to image denoising using statistical filters. Please do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for you) ...

Windows Matlab

Modulation Explanations and matlab code

2014-11-19 06:51    By:Nindya      View:8      Download:0

One way to communicate a message signal whose frequency spectrum does not fall within that fixed frequency range, or one that is otherwise unsuitable for the channel, is to change a transmittable signal according to the information in the message signal. This alteration is called modulation, and...

Document PDF

fft tutorial using matlab

2015-03-25 21:42    By:eng_mohammed      View:102      Download:1

This is a simple tutorial to understand fft algorithm using matlab and this tutorial contain 1 Getting to Know the fft 2 Review of Transforms 3 Understanding the DFT 4 matlab and the fft 5 Spectrum Analysis with the fft and matlab...

Matlab Matlab

Finite Element matlab

2015-03-26 08:13    By:Larusso      View:66      Download:2

matlab code from Finite Element matlabSource codeVery good!...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of information system based on rough sets reduction algorithm

2015-03-21 08:54    By:njwhat      View:90      Download:0

Information system based on rough set reduction algorithm matlab implementation, the program can run the correct result, I hope all of you have helped....

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

2015-02-22 10:13    By:njwhat      View:39      Download:1

Chromatographic analysis method is a combination of quantitative and qualitative multi-objective decision-making method is a method of high frequency of use in many areas of economic management, urban planning has been widely applied. Because of its results were affected by a greater influence of su...

Algorithm Matlab

Elecronic Circuit component finder using matlab

2015-03-26 01:35    By:kano      View:104      Download:1

This code find the circuit component like a resistor capacitor inductor. Using matlab code you can find this. Initial steps 1) Apply any component based hand made image. 2)Apply the my matlab code. 3)Your component will be extracted and how much component are available...

Matlab Matlab

GUI sample code based on matlab

2015-03-25 23:10    By:milox      View:97      Download:0

This is a simple matlab code to learn the GUI design....


Boundary element method matlab solving circular sound field programs

2014-12-21 08:52    By:M201170944      View:28      Download:0

Boundary element solution of 2D Circular vibration sound matlab code is simple and features a tip...

Matlab Matlab

fft C++ code

2015-01-05 08:40    By:ideallzc      View:41      Download:0

Fast Fourier transform in matlab, C++ language we use to achieve the same functionality. Sorting method using the butterfly method and fast algorithms. C++ code for the fft implementation efficiency a little higher than matlab, and debugging through. -fft of c++ code to achieve efficiency is higher...

Algorithm C++

SAR SP matlab

2015-03-07 04:03    By:wdc_0501      View:108      Download:8

SAR basic radar signal processing algorithms, including fft, crange such as 16 documents, it is very helpful for beginners to understand the SAR radar....

Matlab Matlab
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