Adc interface with 8051

2015-04-15 13:03    By:nagarebel      View:167      Download:0

Adc INTERFACING with 8051 board contains the led, switch status,lcd and uart interfacing....

Embeded C

counter with led

2015-03-09 06:30    By:elena      View:35      Download:0

this code is in vhdl language  on fpga 3e 2 basys that's a counter with led and descounter with switcher...

Embeded VHDL

led AC synchronous control c source code

2015-03-04 04:11    By:浩哥      View:72      Download:0

Which AC signals to synchronize overall led the source program is relatively small, I hereby provide a led AC synchronous controller source program article, hope there will be, get more opinions. Important points of this program is to detect alternating the falling edge, used for synchronization sig...


led RGB dimmer control PIC16F737

2015-04-07 12:07    By:chlxs      View:124      Download:0

Tri-phosphor RGB control PIC16F737 monolithic, three PWM signal output. Into the RF remote control. Remote control main functions are: A button: short-time, static color choices, each time you press the switch a color; long pressed for 3 seconds, lamp off. B button: brightness +. C button...


lpc2148 arm 7 adc

2015-04-08 04:43    By:ravikiran.bolla      View:211      Download:2

Testing it out The easiest way to test the Adc code above is with a 'potentiometer' (often referred to simply  as a 'pot'). A potentiometer is a simple device that changes its' 'resistance' as you adjust  it. It may have 10.0K Ohms resistance at one end, for example, a...

Embeded C

Blinking led using LPC2148

2015-03-04 14:38    By:selva      View:142      Download:0

ARM7 LPC2148 Evaluation Board The ARM7 LPC2148 Evaluation board is specifically designed to help students to master the required skills in the area of embedded systems. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the microcontroller will be easily used by the student...

Embeded C

8051 adc interfacing code for lcd using proteus software working code in embedded c

2015-04-11 10:24    By:suthan      View:903      Download:1

8051 adc interfacing code for lcd using proteus software working code in embedded c...

proteus C

led Blink using at89s52 microcontroller

2015-04-15 14:14    By:NarendraK      View:102      Download:0

led BLINK USING at89S52   Ever wonder how to blink leds and make fun projects with leds??? Wait's over now.led blinking using at89S52 microcontroler computer simulation/proteus file is attached with this post. It is very simple and easy to understand if you are familiar with "C&q...

8051 programming C

stepper motor

2015-03-30 21:14    By:hasanmasoudi      View:22      Download:1

Simulation of stepper motor by matlab.function motor(step,delay,direction)Controlling a stepper motorstep must be integer.delay is in seconds.direction: 1 or 2....

Matlab Matlab

Use MSPF5529 to achieve multi-level menu, DAC,Adc, frequency measurement, and JLX12864 display

2015-03-31 14:20    By:administrator93      View:946      Download:2

This code is original, in 2014, TI Cup provincial competition "audio amplification with howling suppression" written by subject, can be compiled successfully using, use MSPF5529 to achieve multi-level menu, DAC,Adc, frequency measurement function with JLX12864 display....

Embeded C

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control

2015-04-17 10:15    By:taozhengxin      View:689      Download:16

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control complete project source code, there are two sets; one is STM32F103, the other is STM32F405; you can control the acceleration and deceleration of 4-axis stepper motors; rate can up to 100K;  the algorithm of this source code is b...

Arm C

PIC driving a bipolar stepper motor

2015-02-23 04:11    By:agmyatsan      View:58      Download:0

It is a sample for driving a bipolar stepper motor in PIC programming. I use PIC Basic Pro programming language....

Embeded Others

Adc capture 4 channels

2015-04-17 07:15    By:qingkongqiye      View:49      Download:0

STM 32 Adc capture 4 channels, try for beginners. This example has been tested to work with. We want to help. Can be used directly....

Embeded C

Turn led on off in STM32

2015-04-14 06:54    By:mrphunghoa      View:65      Download:0

This is the program for beginner to learn ARM STM32. The function is simple, how to configure STM32, and turn the led on or off. This program is written in KEIL....

Arm C

Interfacing of Adc0831,7Segment Display and lcd with 8051

2015-04-03 21:47    By:Murad      View:76      Download:0

Adc is an electronic device which converts analog signals into its corresponding digital signal. This project demonstrates the principle, operation and interfacing of 8-bit serial Adc0831,Seven Segment Display and lcd with 8051 micro controller....

Embeded C

STM32 SPI connect with Nokia 5110 3110 lcd

15 hours ago    By:starlyc      View:235      Download:0

Stm32f407 stm32f4 discoverary Nokia 5110 3110 spi2 connection lcd Development Board, shows the text  display....

arm C

Xmega AdcA 4 channel scan, free running mode

2015-04-16 23:23    By:schk88      View:59      Download:1

* MCU:          ATXmega128A1  * Development environment:         AVR Studio 4.18 build 716* Description:         void AdcA_CH0_1_2_3_Sweep_Interrupt (void)         AdcA 4 channel scanning, free-r...


Standalone digital voltmeter uses a multichannel Adc code

2015-03-28 17:41    By:Basky      View:45      Download:0

This is code for IC2 of the EDN Design Idea Standalone digital voltmeter uses a multichannel Adc which offers a design to monitor several different voltages with one instrument....

Embeded C

dcF matlab code

2015-04-17 02:39    By:pranesh      View:41      Download:1

Distributed coordination function (dcF) is the fundamental MAC technique of the IEEE 802.11 based WLAN standard. dcF employs a CSMA/CA with binary exponential backoff algorithm. dcF requires a station wishing to transmit to listen for the...

Matlab Matlab

AVR, Arduino, Oled Display Driver

2015-04-14 03:30    By:SPF_SPF      View:68      Download:1

Oled DriverThis is the core graphics library for all Oled displays, providing a commonset of graphics primitives (points, lines, circles, etc.).  It needs to bepaired with a hardware-specific library for each display device we carry(to handle the lower-level functions).Ready to use...

Embeded C++

All interrupt driven Adc library for Atmel ATMEGA32 written in C

2015-04-12 16:41    By:norppu      View:245      Download:1

This is a simple library to drive the on chip Adc on ATMEGA32 and similar ships. You will need the gnu avrcc to compile this one. Since this is all interrupt driven the program does not need to use time for polling the Adc. The latest converted value is readily available at once. Th...

Embeded C

dcT steganography embeding

2015-04-10 10:37    By:myka      View:84      Download:1

A discrete cosine transform (dcT) expresses a finite sequence of data points in terms of a sum of cosine functions oscillating at different frequencies. dcTs are important to numerous applications in science and engineering, from lossy compression of ...

Embeded Matlab

FSMC-driven lcd160160

2015-03-11 22:26    By:b260123292      View:60      Download:0

STM32 FSMC connection lcd160160, high-speed drive this type of lcd screen. Drive contains the ASCII fonts, Chinese character database needs to be expanded, preferably along with FreeRTOS....

Embeded C

C8051 for 1602lcd

2015-03-11 23:54    By:daba0uo      View:80      Download:0

8051 controlled 1602lcd to show how to write words on screen...

Driver Development C

Realization led blinks of ucosII program based on stm32

2015-02-03 20:18    By:大白JULY      View:34      Download:0

Keil development platform based on stm32 realization led the second flash. Program can run successfully achieve led blinks function.    Part of the program code excerpt:  void led_GPIO_Config (void)  {    / * Structure to define a GPIO_InitTypeDef type * /  &...

Embeded C

high speed Adc-Adc08D1000 comunication in FPGA

2015-03-06 03:35    By:artin      View:45      Download:0

This is a program developed by Arron lee, in order to control Adc08D1000 Analog-to-digital device in FPGA, Xilinx Virtex-4 SX35 FPGA is applied here, the dcM is used to control the clock path in FPGA, the clock source is AD9517 which controled by serial port in FPGA...

vhdl VHDL

Adc0809 a/d conversion

2015-03-31 07:01    By:qqwww      View:52      Download:0

Adc0809 a/d conversion and realization of analog signals into digital content, and displays the conversion results on the lcd screen, I downloaded to their boards, is operating normally...

verilog Verilog


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