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How to use opencv read show a picture

opencv (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision, developed by Intel, and now supported by Willow Garage and Itseez. It is free for use under the open source BSD license. The library is cross-platform. It focuses mainly on r...

Rectification of opencv cropped

Algorithm of image rectification based on opencv, using edge detection. An image binarization, black border cropping, correcting the last rotation....

opencv vehicle tracking

Vehicle detection is the key to intelligent traffic monitoring system. As technology develops and advances in technology, vehicle detection is experiencing the traditional coil detection, radar detection to more advanced real-time video detection. Vehicle video detection principle is based on video...

opencv contour extraction

A picture is then loaded by cvimageload cvcrtcolor first graying cv canny then finally found the final contour by cvfingcontours function to draw the outline by draw...

opencv implementation on a three-lane vehicle counting

Increasingly important to count the moving object in the video, change the code in the VC++6.0 software environment, build a platform for the MFC using opencv implementation for a video of the three-lane vehicle code that counts....

Video Recording using opencv

opencv (libraries mainly used for image and video processing) and visual studio is used in this project. You can use any version of opencv ( although 2.4.1 and above are recommended) Description :  This code here records video through you webcam ( Either built-in or USB ) And that vid...


This project is very interesting.  You can move your mouse without even touching it. Description :  It allows you to move the mouse through webcam. You just have to place some red colored object in front of your camera, it will detect that object&n...

Android source opencv motion detection

This procedure must first camera calibration, access to reference, and distortion coefficient matrices, and bird's eye view of transformation according to the method of learning opencv. Including executable programs and source code...

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