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c class code

2014-11-20 14:43    By:jkjshun      View:20      Download:0

c language learning classic code, c language examples of analytical essence book supporting code. Directory listing is as follows: Part of the first Basics  001 The first C program 002 run multiple source files 003 seeking the product of integers 004 Compare Real s...

Other C

de2_115_TV development Board routines, including SDRAM and asynchronous FIFO

2015-01-30 09:04    By:zwallow      View:3134      Download:1

de2_115_TV development Board routines, including SDRAM and application of asynchronous FIFO: through coordinated control 2 in 2 out of a total of 4 FIFO operation SDRAM...

verilog Verilog

delphi source image format conVersion

2015-01-15 03:35    By:木白石      View:62      Download:0

Code written in delphi, to achieve bmp,jpg,ICO,WMF conVersion of image formats, such as...

Image Editing Delphi

a Line Segment detector

2015-01-25 10:40    By:zhangqingmina@163.com      View:51      Download:0

LSD is a linear-time Line Segment detector giving subpixel accurate results. It is designed to work on any digital image without parameter tuning. It controls its own number of false detections: On average, one false alarms is allowed per image. The method is based on Burns, Hanson, and Riseman's me...

Image Processing C++

QR code encoding and decoding procedures-Chinese Version

2015-02-24 22:48    By:yafei      View:131      Download:5

QR code encode and decode of source code, coding part detailed marked analysis and comments of source code, UI displayed part, will Japanese for Han of, displayed for Chinese convenient readers using, will coding and decoding placed in with a work district within, convenient debugging code, coding H...

Image Processing C++

delphi Driver

2015-01-22 13:02    By:vnhung      View:30      Download:0

Writing Drivers in delphi Driver development has always been the privilege of C/C++ and Assembler programmers. If someone needs to write a device driver in delphi, he has to settle for “adapter” drivers that would allow their user-mode program some ability to interface with kernel-m...

Windows Delphi

face detection

2015-02-27 23:32    By:kaixuan_liu      View:182      Download:3

Face++ technical services are divided into Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition. Basic Version provided free of charge through the API, Enterprise Edition not only a better API, SDK and a customized offline forms such as cloud services. Face++ updates are published here in time, we are constantly wo...

Matlab Matlab

JPEG XR code

2015-01-04 21:17    By:wanglei      View:50      Download:0

New generation of JPEG XR image compression standard code, the following image formats can be compressed (. raw/.tif/.PNM). Changes related to the encoder are as follows: 1. Add support for separate alpha image plane 2. Add support for YCC OUTPUT_CLR_FMT (YUV444, YUV422, YUV420) 3. Add su...

Image Processing C

Maincode decrypt c++

2015-03-03 09:43    By:fer2007      View:14      Download:0

This is the form to decrypt for ALi chipset   decrypt_c   .........\xtea.h   .........\xtea.cpp   .........\seca.h   .........\seca.cpp   .........\proj0000.cpp   .........\main.exe   .........\main.cpp  ...

Algorithm C++

Space-Time Codes and MIMO Systems

2015-03-04 15:43    By:1028293781      View:75      Download:0

Space-Time Codes and MIMO Systems The technical descriptions, procedures, and computer programs in this book have been developed with the greatest of care and they have been useful to the author in a broad range of applications; however, they are provided as is, without warranty of any kind...

book Matlab

Kernel Regression based image denosing

2015-02-24 04:56    By:wenyunlei      View:56      Download:0

In this paper, we make contact with the field of non-parametric statistics and present a development and generalization of tools and results for use in image processing and reconstruc-tion. In particular, we adapt and expand kernel regression ideas for use in image denoising, upscaling, interpolat...

Matlab Matlab

Brief description des

2013-09-27 08:22    By:c385288      View:11      Download:0

First delivery of gold into the 10bit Yao, then the document into the 8bit clear, then ecryption that concluded that encryption and decryption. Process section: 1. Two keys are needed, enter the 10-digit key, and then key[10] permutation (similar to IP in a deS replacement), and the results...

c語言 C++

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using deviceIOControl easy

2015-02-04 03:21    By:jianhaoran      View:61      Download:1

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using deviceIOControl easy USB communication, VC6 compile, and beginners to learn....

Windows C++

Ez-usb communications PC-side program uses deviceIOControl made easy

2015-02-14 21:14    By:jianhaoran      View:108      Download:0

Ez-usb communications PC-side program, using deviceIOControl easy USB communications, also gets the data section is displayed at the right time, you can dynamically display data into a curve, the VC6 compiled, worth learning for beginners....

Windows C++

anti aliasing c+ code

2015-01-27 21:43    By:davidice      View:25      Download:0

Line drawing with Anti-aliasingWuLines.dsp    This file (the project file) contains information at the project level and    is used to build a single project or subproject. Other users can share the    project (.dsp) file, but they should export the makefiles local...

Algorithm C++

deS algorithm encryption

2015-02-10 17:47    By:J174352900      View:18      Download:1

Simple deS encryption algorithm c language code implementation, you can simple implementation but have a problem where the wrong do not know please help me see, wrote may not be complete, limited so please do bear with me....

Algorithm C

Blind source separation algorithm of JAde

2014-12-18 12:31    By:Answer_wu1209      View:10      Download:0

Jade algorithm is based on four-order cumulant algorithm for joint Diagonalization algorithm is faster and more efficient, to be able to separate mixed signal, magical thing, it is useful to do research on blind source separation...

Matlab Matlab

RGB detection

2015-02-26 07:54    By:Nazeer      View:65      Download:0

are very useful for other projects as for face tracking through the colors  and the code providing by me will help to detect ht eRGB colors and also track them easily , So you can easily unzip nad check it. thanks...

Matlab Matlab

Install Program With delphi

2014-11-30 01:54    By:abed_se2007      View:29      Download:0

Install Program With delphi Install Program With delphi...

software Delphi

GardenUI help file

2014-11-19 19:33    By:liuyanmin120      View:12      Download:0

GardenUI help file GardenUI is a free library of MFC interface, very good, very powerful. This is GardenUI a help document...

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