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BULKUSB驱动,适合C8051F340bulk,经过测试,是学习winddk入门 的参考教程,并且有相应的硬件作为配套,如果有兴趣的话。 程序里面已经做了相应优化,并且有很多注释,希望能够给下载的达人提供帮助!...

PIC24 some underlying driving as well as part of the integrated application source code

Segment on PIC24 bottom drive as well as part of the integrated application source code. Compiler for the C30. you can refer to the following, view was good!...

WINCE6.0 TSC2006 touch-screen controllers drivers

1.2V to 3.6V, 12-Bit, Nanopower, 4-Wire TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER with SPI™ Interface WINCE6.0 TSC2006 touch-screen controllers drivers...

Custom USB device drivers (non-CDC)

C8051f340 microcontroller-based enumeration to custom USB device, upper-AP via the driver, and the underlying hardware FIRMWARE in program communication....

2416 bare metal drivers SD card FAT32

2,416 core Board c language programming of drivers to detect the SD card FAT32 file system and read FAT32 files...


OLED的驱动程序,好用,而且编写精炼,适合MC9S12XS128.XS128_OLED 智能车液晶XS128_OLED,OLED,即有机发光二极管(Organic Light-Emit... X64源码,全部采用C代码实现,已经测试通过。...

TMC260 driver

Host-STM32,TMC260 an initial configuration, configured correctly before you can drive stepper motor, note CS signal is not the default...

AVR Microcontroller driven 240X120 screen

ATmega16  single chip driver 240X120 screen, the LCD is divided into 4 row *15 column using indirect mode of operation, Chinese display interface, you can reference content and value,...

6410 OV9650 driver

Block it is available under the ok6410 camera driver, the supported camera model OV9650, on ok6410A Development Board has been tested to run perfectly, I hope to help friend in need...

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