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This is a small amount of data calculated time series index of the largest lyapu...

4 minutes ago    By:shan      View:28      Download:1

This is a small amount of data calculated time series index of the largest lyapunov Matlab procedures...

matlab Matlab

Android Xmpp text chat, voice chat, sending files

17 minutes ago    By:xianzehua      View:877      Download:23

Xmpp-based text chat, voice chat, sending files Server is Openfire,  can be used once the configuration of Openfire is done....

Android Java

Region growing for avatar picture skin extraction

11 minutes ago    By:mincong      View:89      Download:3

Region growing skin extract the avatar picture. Segmentation using threshold method, using region growing segmentation and optimization algorithm for reduced for cycles reduce the complexity. Final calculation of ROC curve comparisons with groundtruth to evaluate segmentation algori...

Matlab Matlab

Four-axis aircraft STM32F103 program, schematic diagram

42 minutes ago    By:Robot@HCS      View:194      Download:4

IAR-based platform, the library development axis source, NRF24L01 communications, has been in production batch! All code and schematics!...


69 Hall source

14 minutes ago    By:q99968877      View:45      Download:4

Anti-69 latest game list the nearest Fox network drama     test    could function like transplanted into it....

Windows开发 C++

STM32 source code for rotorcraft flight control

2015-08-04 23:17    By:zhyunhao      View:595      Download:22

This is the STM32 flight control source code. It contains many control algorithms which are very helpful for everyone....

嵌入式系统 C

a demo for pedestrian detection

23 minutes ago    By:julien      View:188      Download:9

There is a demo for pedestrian detection and some photos for testing in this compressed file.   With the libraries of OpenCV 2.3.0, I detect the pedestrians using the default classifier. The feature is Histograms of Oriented Gradients and the classified method is Support Vector Mach...

Image Processing C++

NET rapid development framework of common permissions system

30 minutes ago    By:oraclemax      View:174      Download:7

NET rapid development framework of common permissions system to quickly develop programs preferred (used actually works well)...

Web网页开发 C#

Baidu cloud platform source code

30 minutes ago    By:3221058      View:93      Download:2

Baidu cloud platform source Baidu cloud platform source Baidu cloud platform source code...

Java Development Java

Coins currency trading source

37 minutes ago    By:a596042055      View:72      Download:6

Bitcoin single source currency trading buying and selling   opening lever function welcoming the Dealmaker System v1.0 Dealmaker System v1.-maker system, deal-maker v1.0 System v1.0 ...



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