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Crown Casino source | Wandu international entertainment city complete source code | with a variety of casino games + agent + mobile + erection tutorial pro test available!

22 minutes ago    By:jh57      View:40      Download:2

Application backgroundFirst install the site environmentInstall the database of good steps oh   source code without the database connection can be          Crown Casino source | Wandu international entertainment city complete source code | with a variety of casino games...

Web网页开发 ASP/ASPX

Siemens Industrial Communication Guide Book CD

24 minutes ago    By:napavalley      View:35      Download:1

Siemens Industrial Communication Guide Book CD-ROM package source-profinet...

source in ebook Others

Very comprehensive collection of lossless compression algorithm, compiles, you c...

54 minutes ago    By:loverr      View:15      Download:1

Very comprehensive collection of lossless compression algorithm, compiles, you can run!...

Compress-Decompress algrithms Visual C++

LWZ compression Algorithm

54 minutes ago    By:chesir      View:27      Download:1

Loss less compression Algorithm, deprived from Lz78 algorithm I've added a (hopefully pretty thorough) example of the LZ78 algorithm. I'd be grateful if someone other than me could give it a checking-over as a safeguard - and to make sure I can add in binary :) I'm less f...

Algorithm PHP

Online survey system

3 hours ago    By:二十八画生      View:153      Download:8

1. System uses MYECLIPSE7 JDK1.5 To compile the source code 2. JAVA EE 采用 JAVA EE 5 3. 打开 MYECLIPSE ,导入 PROJECT FROM EXIST PROJECT INTO WORKSPACE 。 4. All codes are used UTF-8 5. Email:

Java Development Java

Digital Filter C language, including high

2 hours ago    By:xunmei      View:101      Download:4

Digital Filter C language, including high- and low-pass, band-pass filter...

Communication-Mobile C++

App development SDK

2 hours ago    By:acelee      View:17      Download:1

1 the use of objectThe API is currently only for WeChat public platform for developers to document all the API package: is the WeChat service number and subscription. Does not support WeChat enterprise and mobile terminal API.But do not rule ou...

C# C#

Property management system

2 hours ago    By:dickence      View:14      Download:2

The system using development, including user registration, logins, permissions, household management, fleet management, news pages, maintenance information, employee information management, complaint management and other management functions. The design concept of the system can be used to l...

C# C#

C # MVC app development platform for public

2 hours ago    By:johnny24      View:63      Download:3

C # app developed by a public platform, ContextMenuItem, autoresponders, LBS definitions, module, feature-rich, tailored, micro-site micro-service, micro-photo album, slightly push, micro-dining, micro-property, micro-Mall, micro facial micro-cars, big wheel, scratch, hundreds of features...

C# C#

Online Ticket Booking System

2 hours ago    By:Mohit      View:84      Download:5

Online Ticket Booking System is a project based on ASP.NET and SQL SERVER. This application can be used to book online bus tickets. It is very useful application for beginner to start with....

CSharp C#


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