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OpenGL tutorial

6 hours ago    By:ruanyx      View:289      Download:3

Source code compile with CMAKE. Altogether 18 programs, divided into program code and shader code, each run separately. In the playground, you can write your own OpenGL program....

OpenGL C++

DCT transform Image Watermarking

6 hours ago    By:563764662      View:80      Download:1

Watermark DCT transform of image processing, MATLAB code, contains a number of algorithm of the original code can be directly run. Watermark DCT transform of image processing, MATLAB code, contains a number of algorithm of the original code can be run directly....

Image Processing Matlab

P2P voice and video chat

6 hours ago    By:123456789      View:128      Download:1

Implement a simple video chat, like QQ, text audio and video transmissions. P2P programming. TCP-based connection, three-way handshake connection is correct. Video implementation is to call the VFW library functions that encode H263 for video data will be collected, and then in the network based on...

Socket Visual C++

PID controller

6 hours ago    By:qieziqiao      View:42      Download:1

Today's automation technology is based on the concept of feedback. Elements of feedback theory consists of three parts: the measurement, comparison and implementation. Measured variables of interest, compared with expectations, with deviation correction control system response. PID controller built...

Matlab Matlab

Communication system simulation based on MATLAB-the code

7 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:159      Download:1

MATLAB-based communication systems simulation through a lot of MATLAB, Simulink simulation example, to deepen the readers understanding of the principles of communication. "MATLAB based communication system simulation," a total of six chapters, including digital transmission MATLAB languag...

Matlab Matlab

Speaker Recognition Matlab Code

2014-12-20 10:13    By:casiopia      View:222      Download:7

Speaker Recognition Documentation contains: 1. Introduction2. Previous works3. Theoretical concepts4. Algorithm5. Experimentation6. Results7. Plots and Graphs8. Accuracy values9. Future Scope10. References 1.Introduction: In the domain of Speaker recognition the selected research paper to...

Matlab Matlab

STM32-based voice storage and playback

7 hours ago    By:lihanxuan93      View:284      Download:2

This source code use the internal AD sampling and DA in STM32 to store and playback voices. The sampling rate is 8kHz, can use timer 2 ccs pin to test. Data from AD sampling store into the SRAM directly and playback using DA....


Android video calls with PC source code

7 hours ago    By:lishangjie11      View:380      Download:8

This source code implements the video calls effect between Android and PC. In the same LAN, after configuring the IP, Android can turn on the camera and take pictures, then transmit pictures to PC end. It can also perform simple Android video surveillance. ...

Android Java

Objects/Faces detection using Local Binary Patterns and Haar features

7 hours ago    By:smzt      View:84      Download:1

This toolbox provides some tools for objects/faces detection using Local Binary Patterns (and some variants) and Haar features.  Object/face detection is performed by evaluating trained models over multi-scan windows with boosting models (such Adaboosting, FastAdaboosting and Gentleboosting)...

Matlab Matlab

STM32F103VC UCGUI3.90a SSD1963 (HY35A) µCos-II - Example

7 hours ago    By:Juppeck      View:163      Download:1

An Example Keil-MDK 4.xx Project based upon STM32F103VC (256 MBYTE), HY35A TFT uses SSD1963 in a µCos-II / µCgui 3.90a environment.I had implemented the SSD1963 Driver into the µCgui Environment so the demo is working nice and fast. Sometimes, it lacks due a fast access to the Display register an...

Arm C

Shopping Cart project source code using jsp

7 hours ago    By:PALANI M      View:279      Download:3

Microsoft SQL Server includes a popular command-prompt utility named bcp for moving data from one table to another, whether on a single server or between servers. TheSqlBulkCopy class lets you write managed code solutions that provide similar functionality. There are other ways to loa...

Windows JSP

Simulation Of a Cognitive Radio System In Matlab

7 hours ago    By:sys144      View:112      Download:4

This code simulate a cognitive radio system in Matlab .You can chose the number of primary users, secondary users, noise and attenuation,  then program simulate the system for you....

Matlab Matlab

Online bookstores, ESHOP

7 hours ago    By:ddee897      View:67      Download:2

This is an e-commerce site, for online book trade.The bookstore Web site is a quality, faster, and more convenient way to buy books. Online Bookstore can be used for the online sale of books, CD, DVD, online sales. Bookstore for books and Web site management to further rationalize, and information t...

Web Framework Java

vehicle tracking system using at89s52

7 hours ago    By:prabu      View:93      Download:3

this project is used to track the vehicle by using gsm and gps(Global Positioning System). gps module,gsm module and microcontroller set is placed in vehicle to track its position....

Embeded C

Job Portal website

7 hours ago    By:jatin1malhotra      View:64      Download:1

It's a job portal for job seeking people.It has 3 level of access.Normal User,Employeer and Admin. Admin can control various functionality via back end. Employeer can post jobs and approve candidates....

Job Portal PHP

TFT touch arduino library

7 hours ago    By:samnova      View:233      Download:6

This is a 7 inch TFT LCD Screen Module with 65K color and 800 x 400 Resolution. It also include the Touch , SD card and Flash design. So it’s a powerful extension module for your project.The LCD has 65K color and 800 x 480 resolutions with touch screen and SD card. The controller of this LCD modul...

arduino C

MIMO OFDM simulation

7 hours ago    By:misnow      View:75      Download:2

This project is a MATLAB MIMO OFDM system simulation program, contains, channel emulation, the reception of OFDM signal generation system as a whole. After debugging, you can run....

Matlab Matlab

Very easy to use DTW voice of isolated word recognition MATLAB implementation

7 hours ago    By:salp      View:170      Download:1

Very easy to use DTW voice of isolated word recognition MATLAB implementation...

Matlab Matlab

STM8 based time-triggered systems

7 hours ago    By:wulamao      View:44      Download:1

A based on STM8 of simple time triggered scheduling device, mixed type task, support preemption task, time triggered, STM8 IAR engineering, has simple of examples LED task, matrix keyboard and independent keyboard and errors report; a based on STM8 of simple time triggered scheduling device, mixed t...

Embeded C


7 hours ago    By:speech123      View:70      Download:1

This is the MATLAB code for CELP algorithm. Codebook Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) is oneof the most widely used class of speech coders which is based on the concept ofLinear Prediction Coding....

Matlab Matlab
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