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Online Mall Java source code

1 minutes ago    By:zhaojun1912      View:359      Download:19

JAVA online shop project complete source code...

Java开发 Java

JAVA online mall, using SSH framework, many functions directly.

2 minutes ago    By:Alinaxi      View:215      Download:4

JAVA online mall, using SSH framework, many functions directly. Find information online, and now share with you, and hope to all of us.If you would like, then I passed some kind of source code, see the atmosphere here is good, come on ~...

Java Development Java

Fingerprint recognition based on MATLAB

3 minutes ago    By:hellonmbkitty      View:26      Download:1

Fingerprint identification system based on MATLAB, including pictures and code. In MATLAB, set the current working directory to directory, enter fpextractdemo at the command line, you can run the program....

Matlab Matlab

PHP do the auction system...

5 minutes ago    By:fromthebe      View:53      Download:3

PHP do the auction system...

Document PHP

BIRCH clustering algorithm, Java implementation

8 minutes ago    By:jiajia333666      View:69      Download:1

According to Birch's principle, implemented using Java specific, tested, the procedure is viable, hopes to have improved God enlighten me, also hopes to help, I am also from someone else downloads...

Algorithm Java

Library Management System

18 minutes ago    By:dafunk      View:475      Download:18

Library Management System in PHP MySQL Source Code allows the user the following: Borrowing and returning of books according to the schedule given. Allows the administrator to add and view all of the recorded books and borrowers. It also prints the number of borrower...

Web based PHP

STM32 FSMC drive TFT LCD...

15 minutes ago    By:liuwei      View:78      Download:1

STM32 FSMC drive TFT LCD...


Logistics information management system-PHP source code

16 minutes ago    By:winsock      View:33      Download:1

A simple logistics information management system, PHP to writeLogistics and distribution network using manual configuration of the source program 1. Additional databases will be copied to the db_wlgl folder in the data folder AppServ AppServMySQLdata folder under the install path, completing additio...

软件系统 PHP

Coins currency trading source

16 minutes ago    By:a596042055      View:106      Download:8

Bitcoin single source currency trading buying and selling   opening lever function welcoming the Dealmaker System v1.0 Dealmaker System v1.-maker system, deal-maker v1.0 System v1.0 ...


VS + opencv 2.4.9 in combination Camshift + Kalman prediction pedestrian tracking code

35 minutes ago    By:xx__hu      View:502      Download:35

At present, the use of VS + opencv 2.4.9 in pedestrian tracking, combined with the existing procedure is only Camshift program, the drawback is that when the target face obscured, easily lost. To solve this problem, I introduced kalman knowledge, in real time prediction of pedestrian movement, when...

视频图像处理 C++


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