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ZigBee-Gao Jingwen humidity

16 minutes ago    By:sn199306      View:82      Download:1

Cc2530-based chips, the program used to display the temperature and humidity through wireless transmission back to the host computer, you can modify the code according to their own circumstances, this program is very good, to share and hope you useful ......

zigbee C

Android SMS source code

22 minutes ago    By:qq:我欲执笔画红妆      View:5      Download:2

Application backgroundAndroid SMS interception source, over 4.4, the installation of the hidden Icon...

Java开发 Java

Android SMS interception.

24 minutes ago    By:190777681      View:72      Download:8

Application backgroundAndroid SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception chick Android SMS interception Zhuo...

Java开发 Java

Android SMS interception horse (mobile phone + mail receiver) hidden icon to prevent the automatic operation of the boot

25 minutes ago    By:玖爱网络ʚɞ      View:99      Download:10

Application backgroundAt present, the latest 4.4-5.1  ,    ,  ,  ,,  ,,  , mobile phone and email can be received by the verification code, with instructions to control each other send text messages.  To control the number of open to intercept or stop the interceptio...

Java Java

10086 points to intercept Ma Yuanma

27 minutes ago    By:25144307      View:24      Download:3

Application background10086 points to intercept the horse, this is a copy of 10086 points to receive...

Web网页开发 ASP/ASPX

Test video object tracking algorithm of Kalman filter implementation

28 minutes ago    By:江城1989      View:29      Download:1

Testing video object tracking algorithm of Kalman filter implementations, including parts and mass extraction of the Kalman algorithm....

Matlab Matlab

Android mobile remote monitoring program (application and server)

31 minutes ago    By:_帅你一脸_      View:14      Download:2

Application backgroundC/S mode Android mobile remote monitoring program   with the following functionsGet contact informationGet call informationGet SMS messageGPS/ network locationReal time monitoring receive short messagesReal-time access to mobile phone statusPhotographThe bellVideo recordin...

Android Java

Boosting algorithms

33 minutes ago    By:love      View:36      Download:3

Adaboost algorithm. MATLAB procedure,Adaboost is an iterative algorithm , the core idea is for training with a training set different classifiers (weak classifiers ), and then the weak classifiers are assembled, constitute a stronger final classifier (strong classifier)....

Algorithm Matlab

APM control source code (V2.7)

1 hours ago    By:ming      View:322      Download:9

This code is the APM control of the source code, version V2.7, can provide design reference for interested in flight control of friends, especially the designers todesign of flight control system of an entry-level, can make them l...

算法 C

Hikvision video surveillance Android mobile phone

46 minutes ago    By:yangjiawudi      View:168      Download:16

Use device for hikvision network monitoring equipment, providing jar package, Android mobile phone development, main features include real-time monitoring of video viewing, history view, surveillance equipment list updated in real time and has Edition network update and other functions, and PC updat...

Android Java


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