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Multiple target tracking and OpenCV+vs

2 minutes ago    By:东成西就      View:474      Download:30

First with the background to complete the goal differential extraction, will be placed in the moving target relevant information to the list, the completion of multi-target tracking by frame difference, achieve real-time requirementsMoving target relevant information stored in the structure, it is p...

Image Processing C++

Vehicle detection and tracking using OpenCV

52 seconds ago    By:Cyrus      View:442      Download:18

This is the source code of vehicle detection and tracking using OpenCV.  It was tested and can run very well. It implements road vehicle detection and tracking. This is a very hot topic in traffic area....

opencv Others

Source code of splitting Image Using Genetic Algorithm (Matlab)

2 minutes ago    By:zhangjing      View:25      Download:2

It is the source code to split image using genetic algorithm on matlab platform, applying to splitting in one- and two-dimension....

Special Effects Matlab

Face detection & identification ultra-detailed! !

2 minutes ago    By:ai-leehom      View:1176      Download:46

Face Recognition System vs environment. Very detailed code. Including recognition of the whole process. Face detection, feature extraction, classification, face recognition....

vs C++

Hand gesture recognition based on MATLAB

1 minutes ago    By:ctgushiwei      View:157      Download:13

Based on MATLAB development of gestures recognition, inside has test code and pictures also has a can run of. Fig file, can directly run of. and while share has MATLAB of source, effect is good, can learning and reference. compared to C++ development of to simple understand, can through code underst...

视觉和模式识别 Matlab

MATLAB image processing source files

1 minutes ago    By:sunmiom      View:42      Download:1

Example explanation book supporting MATLAB image processing source code. That will help you quickly learn about MATLAB.15 chapters over a total of more than 200 documents, basically contains all MATLAB from entry to the practical content is a good helper for the novice to learn MATLAB....

图像处理 Matlab

Speaker Recognition Matlab Code

10 minutes ago    By:casiopia      View:533      Download:21

Speaker Recognition Documentation contains: 1. Introduction2. Previous works3. Theoretical concepts4. Algorithm5. Experimentation6. Results7. Plots and Graphs8. Accuracy values9. Future Scope10. References 1.Introduction: In the domain of Speaker recognition the selected research paper to...

Matlab Matlab

Micro-channel printer client

11 minutes ago    By:牛德彪      View:94      Download:8

Micro-channel printer client source code, like friends can download to see using wpf developed to achieve a print queue and print time computing, printing is completed by webprint, give you a reference...

界面开发 C#

Matlab Simulink

5 minutes ago    By:eloyba      View:68      Download:2

Matlab Simulink for digital Communications...

Matlab Matlab

Game theory Matlab

9 minutes ago    By:Udayaraj      View:74      Download:2

To meet the dynamic spectrum access of Cognitive Radio (CR), the selfish game-theoretic model is identified for multi-hop networking with CR nodes, which matches well with the physical administrative structure in real-life situations. This paper investigates user communication se...

Matlab Matlab


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