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Video vehicle detection

2 hours ago    By:ykang76      View:188      Download:12

This program can be a vehicle through three lane detection, counting. Background modeling using background subtraction, the effect is very good, the program comes with a test video, if you want to use this program, just slightly alter some parameters....

Windows Visual C++ hotel management system

2 hours ago    By:wang__meng      View:1924      Download:18

Based on c # .net written in hotel management system which comes with a database to complete all  of the features required for ordinary hotels...

DataBase C#

LEACH protocols in ns2

2 hours ago    By:Bethel      View:380      Download:7

In network simulator NS2 , leach protocol is used to cluster the nodes. The coding is attached with this program ...

Other Tcl/Tk

STM32F103VC UCGUI3.90a SSD1963 (HY35A) µCos-II - Example

2 hours ago    By:Juppeck      View:205      Download:4

An Example Keil-MDK 4.xx Project based upon STM32F103VC (256 MBYTE), HY35A TFT uses SSD1963 in a µCos-II / µCgui 3.90a environment.I had implemented the SSD1963 Driver into the µCgui Environment so the demo is working nice and fast. Sometimes, it lacks due a fast access to the Display register an...

Arm C

30 cases of MATLAB neural network analysis (book + source code)

2 hours ago    By:艳军 何      View:76      Download:2

This is a summary of MATLAB neural network block thousands of Chinese forum posts, sufficiently emphasized "case utility program can imitate."When readers call the case, but in the case of data into your own data, you can achieve what you want network. PDF compression bag not only, there i...

Matlab Matlab

Design and implementation of online ordering system

2 hours ago    By:wuqunqun      View:36      Download:2

Design and implementation of online ordering system, using JSP language database MY SQL, database, source code, paper, screenshots, and reply in PPT, definitely worth holding on to. This paper is my graduation thesis topic, struggling for a long time, because the University did not learn anything, s...

Web Framework JSP

Multiple target tracking by L1 tracker

2 hours ago    By:gjj19671967      View:38      Download:2

This a multiple target tracking algorithm adopting  L1 tracker.The original algorithm is developed by matlab  tracking single target. I extended the L1 tracker to track multiple targets.The image sequences is included. The test shows it is efficient even if the images are interlaced and th...

Algorithm Matlab

Character recognition and training of Tesseract-OCR in vs2010

2 hours ago    By:sxm426      View:10      Download:1

Recently in learning Tesseract-OCR do character recognition and training here has encountered many problems in the process, based on the above posts, and his fumbling, slightly effective, many problems encountered in the process of seeking out and experience share their summary and now, hoping to he...

c++ C++

webtop Tencent html5 development tools

2 hours ago    By:snoweak      View:72      Download:1

AlloyDesktop is a web page as software that can run on a desktop app development engine. The engine implements a transparent rendering of web pages, web pages are no longer limited to the confines of the browser. At the same time, provide a powerful api support, so you can easily fail to realize man...


Crown mark six betting program source code 5 templates

2 hours ago    By:jxlnw      View:100      Download:15

Crown mark six betting program source code template paragraph 5   source code upload the database connection without encryption can be     only to learn the source code    do not use illegal sites...

Web网页开发 PHP


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