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AHP With C

3 minutes ago    By:vanthien1993      View:25      Download:2

AHP algorithm Many decision-making problems involve a number of factors. For example, if you are con-sidering a new job, factors might include starting salary, career advancement opportunities, work location, the people you would be working with on the job, the type of work you would be doin...

Algorithm C

AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) calculation software can be tested for consiste...

41 minutes ago    By:salavi      View:36      Download:1

AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) calculation software can be tested for consistency, Although currently only six bands calculated the following matrix, but with some slight modifications can be expanded easily....

Algorithm Visual C++

PSO solution of PID controller

42 minutes ago    By:janeeyre      View:49      Download:2

This code is the use of standard Particle Swarm Optimization for PID controller parameters optimization, this procedure using MATLAB Simulink and MATLAB programming to solve, and got a very good result, the optimal solution of the initial value of each particle as a pID controller, and iteration, op...

Matlab Matlab

Face detection and recognition based attendence system

1 hours ago    By:sushant09      View:586      Download:24

My project was to create a unique attendence system which detects the faces of the students present and marks their attendence accordingly. We got face detection code from the above link and modified it further decreasing redundencies and errors particular to our project. we achieved 93% accuracy. N...

Image Processing C#

AHP C language version...

56 minutes ago    By:woai      View:22      Download:1

AHP C language version...

Mathimatics-Numerical algorithms C++

Fuzzy AHP ,decision making

58 minutes ago    By:elxeon      View:108      Download:3

It has two function. First one is FuzzyAHP algorithm implementation with three output variables and one input variable.  'CompMat' is Comparision Matrix of alternate attributes.  'weights' is vector of decimal for each attribute.  'CompMat' is converted Fuzzy set Comparision Matrix...

Matlab Matlab

30 cases analysis of neural networks, with source code

1 hours ago    By:aogege      View:97      Download:6

Analyzing the case of MATLAB neural network, including source code, very complete! Major BP neural networks, genetic algorithms, Hopfield algorithms, probabilistic neural networks, and so on....

Matlab Matlab


1 hours ago    By:Lee      View:150      Download:2

JSP-based online shopping system, a very detailed code...

Java Develop Java

Speaker Recognition Matlab Code

5 hours ago    By:casiopia      View:483      Download:20

Speaker Recognition Documentation contains: 1. Introduction2. Previous works3. Theoretical concepts4. Algorithm5. Experimentation6. Results7. Plots and Graphs8. Accuracy values9. Future Scope10. References 1.Introduction: In the domain of Speaker recognition the selected research paper to...

Matlab Matlab

Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm of SMO. Including the matlab source code...

1 hours ago    By:jerry      View:96      Download:1

Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm of SMO. Including the matlab source code files, Support Vector Machines pdf documents, source code for word documents....

AI-NN-PR Matlab


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