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Audio Adapters Samples

2014-11-19 13:22    By: vineeth      View:8      Download:0

The submitted code provides a functionality of device driver for windows which serves Audio adapters drivers which can be directly compiled in Visual studio and install....

Windows C++

Video caption examples

2014-06-06 02:22    By:lxb0805      View:4      Download:0

Set the Video filter, through directx, c ++ implementation, please see the source code in detail, in the development process may encounter many unexpected problems, this is just an example, you can use this instance to learn about directx properly, Microsoft things are so beyond people's expectation...

Image Processing C++

DirectShow monitored Video image display

2015-03-16 20:57    By:agwef      View:46      Download:0

DirectShow monitored Video image display monitor USB camera is output to the screen DirectShow monitored Video image display monitoring monitoring of USB cameras to the screen DirectShow DirectShow monitor USB camera output Video image display to screen monitor display monitor USB camera outp...

Image Processing C++

Fluid Simulation for Video Games, part 5

2015-03-23 14:05    By:mijagourlay      View:16      Download:0

Profiling and Optimization This article, the fifth in a series, describes the profiling and optimization of a fluid simulation, presented in the third and fourth articles. The first article summarized fluid dynamics; the second surveyed fluid simulation techniques; and the third and fourth pr...

Parallel Computing C++

arm11 V4l2 Video image acquisition client

2015-03-28 07:18    By:rarshion      View:116      Download:2

Use S3C6410 ARM11 development board + OV5640 camera to capture the image resolution of up to 420W, and can control the image resolution, white balance, brightness, contrast and other effects, with image and Video capture capabilities, Video using H264 encoding. Multi-threaded and shared memory area,...

Linux programming C++

Video Game partner player

2013-10-04 06:51    By:suku04      View:7      Download:0

this code is for guessing a Video from multiple Videos, when a user was displayed with n number of Videos, he can choose a partner who will be played with the original Video, his partner can send him glues via chat, and he nee to guess that Video.....

Java Development Java

Loopback Audio Driver

2014-12-17 09:49    By:syamkumar      View:25      Download:0

Loop back Audio Driver is a Windows Driver Model Plug and Play virtual Audio device driver. It can be used as a fake/virtual sound card in windows os. This project source code uses port classes. we can route the output of a media player like Winamp to wave Audio recorder or to internet mus...

Driver Development Visual C++

Blind prediction of natural Video quality

2015-03-19 09:32    By:Alaa       View:26      Download:1

 We propose a blind (no reference or NR) Video quality evaluation model that is nondistortion specific. The approach relies on a spatio-temporal model of Video scenes in the discrete cosine transform domain, and on a model that characterizes the type of motion occurring in the scenes, to predic...

Image Processing Matlab

Online Audio player

2015-03-12 03:51    By:Code_loser      View:34      Download:0

Use ffmpeg to do streaming media player can play mms Media streaming, RTSP and other protocols. Developers say: Welcome to download the discussion part of the code can be modified according to need, currently accessible only on the IOS7 in order to play correctly,...

iOS Objective-C

Tp Audio treatement and compression

2013-10-31 00:01    By:mmessai      View:8      Download:0

Audio traitement of a program in this practical Tp we see how we compress and send the Audio information of a signal and specialy an Audio signal...

Matlab Matlab

real time Video streaming through Bluetooth

2015-01-30 03:29    By:adeel      View:16      Download:0

This project is base on wireless communication between two computers. In this report we have discussed Video streaming through Bluetooth. Video is the sequence of frames and streaming is the continuous sending of frames. Real time Video streaming is becoming very popular field these days an...

software C++

Make pictures into Video using FFmpeg

2015-03-29 23:18    By:Owen_xue      View:171      Download:12

The FFmpeg library file has been compiled.  You can modify commends in textView to control the operation of Videos, make pictures into Video, transcode Videos etc. It has many functions!  Every feature that used for Videos is included....

Android Java

HM, high-performance Video coding (HEVC)

2015-02-16 01:20    By:zhulinweiyuchang      View:10      Download:0

High-performance Video coding (HEVC), compared with H.264, on the premise of the same compression quality, bit rate fell by half....

Algorithm C++

Video frame processing

2015-03-29 09:13    By:简单      View:21      Download:0

This paragraph is a Video frame of the main procedures handling is broken down into a Video pictures, Videos can be converted to a picture to picture processing. Software that is strict in Video format, which requires to convert the Video format and size, and trim, processed through the Video frame,...

Image Processing Matlab

Qt Video collection

2015-01-31 01:49    By:zjycxmei      View:86      Download:0

Interfacial completed using Qt Creator perfect take V4L2 interface standard, Video capture, image format conversion starting is RGB, so as to run on the label, so that we see in real time when the Video information using the function paintevent updated in real time, in order to quickly be able to se...

Embeded C++
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