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Android drawer menu

Android list only drawer to pull up, the demo override controls can be configured in the XML above and below. If need be, take a look at, there is need to contact

Android tourism

Android application source code in accordance with the established non-small blessed fandesadashenfandesafandesa van der SAR plays pick up trash huh Oh who p-Edwin van der SAR aircraft of the pultrusion of Lhasa is about waste powder will be issued less intense Carrefour salad sub sub sub aircraft w...

Android pcap under static compile-lib library

Android static JNI compiled of the pcap library, used to catch, and analysis. Versions for the libpcap version 0.9.8, compression bag requires 2 API header file, test has been passed, it is not submitted to the Android code under test, are interested can try....

Android UDP test code

Android code can send UDP datagrams UDP test, called Android scoket API implementation...

Android application example source code for creating, deleting desktop shortcuts

This is the Android application example source code for creating, deleting desktop shortcuts. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support!...

Android implementation of ListView a-z alphabetical order

Android implementation of ListView a-z alphabetical order, is the first character of each line according to your data sorted by the first letter, the code is simple, clear, comment, suitable for beginners to learn, using...

Android Wifi hotspot created with connection

Recent projects require the use of knowledge based on WIFI hotspots to transfer files, write a small program, used to quickly create and connect hotspot....

Android(client)_C#(Server) TCP Communication

Source of TCP Communication Client : Android version 4.1.1 Server : C# Visual studio 2010...

Android Quiz App

This is an app that I have created using Basic4Android as frontend and SQLite as backend. This Quiz/Test appis used for educational game application that benefits children to learn. This app features test application category using spinner control, text-to-speech application, player information...

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