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ocx events, methods and properties

2015-11-22 02:57    By:sunlm      View:63      Download:2

Call center clients use ocx, integration events, methods, properties, and parameters passed when the event, method of calling functions such as call center learning rare ocx source code....

Windows Visual C++

ocx para capturar imagem

2015-10-26 22:46    By:marcielsreis      View:15      Download:0

The following program development progress, capturing images from a camera.Good evaluation....

DataBase Others

capture screen

2015-07-15 02:58    By:zhangxiong      View:22      Download:0

this code is about how to capture screen with C++,then you can learn more about capture screen and ocx. ...

Windows C++

WORD controls

2015-10-05 00:10    By:longshentaizi      View:55      Download:0

ocx controls that implement online word to edit and save, and example source code! Word online DSOFramerWord online DSOFramerWord online editing an edit control controls the edit control DSOFramer...

Web Framework C++

delphi common ocx controls, including the most commonly used controls delphi pro...

2014-12-17 21:57    By:langlang      View:6      Download:0

delphi common ocx controls, including the most commonly used controls delphi programming...

Other systems Delphi


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