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PSO algorithm based, comment more, very conducive to learning information.

A PSO algorithm based, comment more, very conducive to learning information. Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (PSO--Particle Swarm Optimization) is a stochastic optimization technique based on population, by Kennedy and Eberhart, in 1995. Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm to imitate...

Adapting RBF neural networks for multi-instance learning

 Adapting RBF neural networks for multi-instance learning. Neural Processing Letters, 2006, 23(1): 1-26. ...

OpenCV learning Book chapter 1-9 essential examples C code

learning OPENCV Yu Shiqi translation, Chapter 1-9 algorithm VC to achieve, I've debugged OK, for starters have a high reference value. A total of nearly 50 algorithm realization, great value!all examples debug pass, perfect for beginners in Opencv learning.welcome to discuss with me....

clustering fingerprint image with learning vector quantization

this program is to cluster fingerprint image with learning vector quantization, there are eight different fingerprint image using for input that will cluster to eight group. i make this code for my paper in my university. truelly this code isnt finish because im not sure know about LVQ. i just try t...

C # learning PDF

. NET supporting many kinds of Userboxes/Programming, veneered. NET Framework predict design support: -Visual Basic 2010 -Visual C++ 2010 -Visual c # 2010 (# read sharp) c # 2010 uprated 針 right in. NET Framework PagedDataSource ying of program design on Userboxes/Programming your grammar cla...

Detailed learning of Classes

It has a detailed description for the use of classes. It has : Data encapsulation demo, the use of constructors and destructors. Also different structures of defining classes. It is a good learning for beginners        ...

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