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Delphi multi thread network monitor

Delphi network monitoring, IOCP framework technology programming, as a client or server, as the server, supporting multiple clients at the same time, and not interfere with communication. But if the Delphi network programming is not very familiar to the people, the program is a bit difficult...

Delphi display PNG control pnpDelphi

1.56 edition, including demonstrationDelphi displays png pnpDelphi  Delphi displays PNG control pnpDelphi  Delphi displays PNG control pnpDelphi...

Delphi timer thread

Delphi timer thread Delphi timer thread   Delphi timer thread   Delphi timer thread    ...

Delphi ProXY 代理

Delphi HTTP 代理服务器 , Delphi HTTP 代理服务器 ....

Delphi MultiThreading

BDMThread sampe usageWith Component and demosVer: V1.9 *********      History      ***************************\Beta V1.0b0     04/29/1999      ReleasedBeta V1.0b1     05/24/1999      The Synchro method editors have been...

Delphi calculator V1.0

Delphi calculator V1.0Features: Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division, and square, bitwise and, bitwise or, negation, etcObjective: to provide a simple calculator source code for beginners in order to better understand how Delphi and points for attention...

Delphi modbus

Achieve Delphi modbus communications procedures...

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