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Windows API Documentation

This is what I wrote about Windows file operations, many of which calls the Win32 API...

Image restoration based on least squares method Documentation and source code

Literature research on blind restoration of images , as well as the implemented code 1. image denoising MATLAB simulation program. m 2. image point spread function to obtain the MATLAB simulation program. m 3. constrained least squares image restoration with MATLAB simulation program...

Java Documentation

Hotel management system software, this software is written in Java language, there are source code, databases, tools were developed using Eclipse. Compulsory placement or changes may cause an error, you should have a list control, such as file size, viewing tools, direct view DDS images and text...

Particle swarm algorithm Document

Chung Yuan Christian University, Institute of Information Management by Li Weiping, Huang Yu granted, wearing Chang-ting, three scholars published...

mmc project with fat and Document

if you want to send or receive a data it's better for you to use a fat like a safe that can save your information and you can reach your information whenever you want it or wherever you need it further more it can makes data transformation easy and so helpful in all the project that you want....

Baidu clouds push-examples and Documentation

Cloud push (Push) is the news of Baidu to provide developers of an open cloud push service; by taking advantage of the cloud with a client to establish a stable and reliable connection to offer developers push real-time messaging service provides to the client application. Baidu cloud pushed s...

Russia blocks (SCM) Documents and programs

Procedure just to achieve Russia blocks the most basic function, display interface, such as opening and ending scenes, plus  everyone is free to play. Note: procedures for eliminating rows can only be displayed in two-digit beyond two, ten will be  garbled, you can display...

ECos crop a Document

Embedded operating system eCos (embedded Configurable operating system) is a configurable real-time operating system source code is open, stable and reliable operation of the system, the functional architecture of perfection, development costs can be controlled, highly configurable, scalable, portab...

Documented source code, instructions, etc)' target='_blank'>Programmer's notebook (Documented source code, instructions, etc)

Programmers Notebook (record various source code, operating instructions, quick and easy to find, save the picture information, can also be used diary records  Information registration check play, supports file encryption)...

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