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Matlab simulation of walking

Matlab simulation of walking Biped gait This model, developed by Nikolaus Troje, is a five-term Fourier series % with vector-valued coefficients that are the principal components for % data obtained in motion capture experiments involving subjects wearing % reflective markers walking on a t...

Matlab data normalization

Matlab data return a of, by with samples data including entered and output data, are first for return a of, also has a problem is you to for forecast of samples data in for simulation Qian, must to with tramnmx function for prior return a of processing, then to for forecast, last of simulation resul...

Matlab and Wavelet transform denoising

Wavelet transform and to noise Matlab code, learning Matlab Wavelet Toolbox of good information, wave transform, and discrete Wavelet transform, and more resolution analysis and orthogonal Wavelet transform, and Wavelet transform and more sampling filter group, and Wavelet transform and image proces...

Matlab image rotation

For beginners or project developer, you can use the program, implemented in Matlab image rotation, of course, its portability is also quite good, you can convert to exe, run as an application....

Matlab speech recognition with LPC algo

This is from my speech recognition project. I was trying to use LPC algorithm. Note, this is a school project, so it ain't perfect. ...

MatlabGUI design notes (2nd Edition)

Matlab GUI design learning notes (3rd version) in Matlab GUI design learning notes (2nd version) of based Shang, combines Matlab 2014a of new characteristics, perfect has book of knowledge schema, highlight has GUI design focus, on readers often encountered of 46 a problem made has thorough of answe...

Matlab basic tutorial

MatlabR2010A are described in detail in the Matlab basic tutorial for basic usage, including use of Matlab for scientific computing, compiling programs, draw graphics, and so on. The Matlab basic tutorial is divided into 12 chapters, including introduction to MatlabR2010A, the basic method of use, M...

[Matlab 7 electronic teaching plan, after chapter 5

With comprehensive written in layman's introduction to the basics of Matlab, basic computing, graphical representation and Simulink simulation integration environment....

Matlab training program (maximum flow/minimum cut)

This algorithm is preparing for graph cuts algorithm in image processing. Basic concepts: 1. the maximum flow is a directed graph. 2. the maximum flow in a flow is, if and only if it does not include augmenting path in the residual network. 3. the minimum cut is to network all the cuts in the minimu...

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