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OpenGL extension package to download and install

Cabinet in the OpenGL extension: GLee,GLew,GLext. Adds a test file to the GLee, if you can compile and run successfully, then you can use the OpenGL1.2 or more of the functions GLee (GL Easy Extension library) is a free cross-platform extension loading library for OpenGL. It provides seamless...

OpenGL implementation document

Referred to each book on getting started with OpenGL OpenGL Select mode, it uses a method makes it possible to obtain the geometry of the current mouse click. This way is simple, first adjust the Projection matrix, allowing you through from a square near the mouse click (size can be set) see in the...

OpenGL firework

Written using c++ OpenGL programs, achieved scenes of fireworks, trees, fountains, houses and so on. Have a good reference value....

OpenGL display list

OpenGL display list example. Working with the display list got a lot of cone and rotate. Display list is easy to implement, much like writing a function. OpenGL is very helpful for beginners....

OpenGL helicopter model

OpenGL textured helicopter model has a detailed program on the environment: VS2008...

OpenGL under Linux loaded. model ms3d

The source code is under Linux used OpenGL library to realize. model ms3d file formats loaded, including texture mapping....

Simple beginner OpenGL code

For starters is a very good learning OpenGL code, my success has been run on your own computer, you can learn, I hope to be a great help....

OpenGL particle applications (flame effect)

Project Name: Fire Demo - SimpleVersion: 1.1Compiler: Bloodshed Dev-C++ ver:>Dustin Davis @>Jeff Molofe (NeHe) @>>The People @ www.gamedev.netVarious copious sections of this program\'s code was copied fr...

OpenGL drawing a line drawn triangle

DFS and BFS search to solve the eight digital problem, breadth-first search algorithm (also known as BFS) is a search algorithm is one of the easiest figure prototype algorithm for this algorithm is a lot of important graphs. Dijkstra single-source shortest path algorithm and Prim minimum spanning t...

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