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Website bulid like ofweek Automation

Website bulid like this ni you can see   New Products of Automation Invensys: Machine Control Products 9 hours ago The EPack Compact SCR Power Controller is designed to replace aging contactors, solid state relays (SSRs) and silicon c...

Web javascript

Web application programming, remote control,  Web UI, JavaScript, intelligent home....

Web development, the realization of a wishing wall before and after development

Web Webpage development, the realization of a wishing wall before and after development. The front end can be published and show the desire,the desire to achieve the background (data) additions and deletions.Using an integrated develop...

Web development, implementation simple blog system

Web development, implementation simple blog system. Reception show blog list page, blog content pages. Background, including blog post, update, delete.Use an integrated development environment for wampserver, while the system is based on Thinkphp Framework for development. Implementation includes ba...

a Web base application ,Online Telephone directory and phone book with pics and location

This project is a Web based phone book directory, which helps you to look up a staff member in the university by name. You can query with the first name or last name and the system will give you back the names of people which match that name, the title, the office number, the telephone number and fa...

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