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java data transfer

java data transfer is very good code. can be run in plsq. can add write javasource implement Oracle Oracle data migration or import work, and very practical, convenient for data import...

java Web Application

hi this is the project we developed using netbeans tool and the concept of the project is in java web application in java server page based....

java4 fight the landlord

This program uses the java language development, good object-oriented design, 4 people to fight the landlord to show the essence of everything...

java mail client

Eclipse java language-based mail clients, software that uses the IMAP/APOP/POP3/SMTP/ESMTP/Protocol to send and receive e-mail. Users do not need to login to mailbox can send and receive messages. Implements the message received, sent, deleted, and as attachments to send, download and so on, is a go...

java analog clock

This code is the realization of an analog clock using java language. Clock has three hands, you can draw three lines of varying lengths to achieve; in addition to dial into 60 minutes, and time scales, this program is entirely clock function!...

java text editor

Developed a java text editor, text format conversion can be done, for example, thicken, strengthen, and black, change the font, change font formatting of text, save and open files, edit files, and can be in any format, you can also find, delete, selected text, depending on your needs, substitute the...

java design patterns

This help documentation is mainly intended to introduce readers to the 23 design patterns including pattern  description, applicability, and part of die *, accompanied with Simple example Child, and class *, aims to make reading * learn 23 * gauge mode and design mode * can check ou...

java.util.concurrent multithreading framework---the thread pool program

General server thread pool are required, such as Web 、 FTP Servers, but they tend to implement your own thread pool, such as previously described Tomcat 、 Resin 和 Jetty And so on, there is now JDK5 And we don't need to repeat the wheel, direct use can be, and is also very convenient to use, pe...

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