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Fan model windturbine

Utility blower model, can be used in wind turbine generation control, fan control,wind energy conversion system, and so on...

model' target='_blank'>Numerical Approximations to Volterra's Population model

MATLAB GUI for Volterra's Population model for aClosed SystemAuthor:      Tyler LondonDate:        March 23, 2010This GUI computes numerical solutionsto a nondimensional form of Volterra's population model for aclosed system:k * du/dt = u - u^2 - u\int_0^tu(s)...

OpenGL under Linux loaded. model ms3d

The source code is under Linux used OpenGL library to realize. model ms3d file formats loaded, including texture mapping....

Battery Charging Discharging model

Battery Charging Discharging model The end-of-discharge voltage for lead acid is 1.75V/cell; nickel-based system is 1.00V/cell; and most Li-ion is 3.00V/cell. At this level, roughly 95 percent of the energy is spent and the voltage would drop rapidly if the discharge were to cont...

EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture model implementation

The main purpose of this procedure is written for parameter estimation in Gaussian mixture models, EM algorithm is the algorithm used. For mean, variance and weights are estimated to have been written as an independent function, and save it into. M-files, the runtime and only need to run the main.m...

The basic TV denoising model

The basic TV denoising model, H1 model (based on the frequency domain) gauss blur, etc....

Gaussian mixture background modeling

This code were written in C ++ and matlab Gaussian mixture background modeling, adaptive determine the number of Gaussian components by Z.Zivkovic development related article is Improved adaptive Gausian mixture model for background subtraction....

Saliency detection model based on wavelet low-frequency sub-bands

This is the source code of paper "A Saliency Detection model Using Low-Level Features Based on Wavelet Transform" . It runs very well. The effect of the saliency map detected using wavelet saliency detection is very good....

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