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contador 0 - 9999 en displays de 7 segmentos verilog

This project use 4 displays of the NEXYS 3(Spartan 6) Board and it was programming in verylog Start whit a 100 MHz clock and we use a preescaler for down the frecuency and is very polite for view ...

FFT programs, based on verilog

FFT programs based on VHDL language, 256, rotation factor exists to write your own ROM inside, multipliers and data storage using IP core, if it needs to use, you need to add IP core, cannot be run...

FPU Floating point unit verilog VHDL

FPU (Floating Point Unit) is very useful in the moden ASIC and SOC designs. This module has been verified by FPGA and EDA env. But if you want to use it in a real project, please verify it with some formal method. ...

Digital Speed meter with rotation direction detection in verilog

This is a complete working module coded in verilog to detect the speed of rotations of a rotating wheel . Also it gives the direction of rotation . This can be directly implemented in a fpga board and within this module there's a special small module to generate the test signals for the metere . So...

Traffic light verilog

Finite state machine for a traffic light control, the whole project is added for working in ISE design suite from xilinx, and configured to be used in spartan 3, on a nexys 2 from digilent, has every archive and the project file, works for a two way traffic light, with sensors of traffic and pedestr...

IR receiver verilog modules

This module is suitable for all IR receiver, please note that when using modified code, you receive is to identify user codes, code marked, thank you all for your support!...

Parallel in serial out using verilog

This simplied program simulates the parallel in serial out. Implemented on Altera board succesfully. in case parallel in serial out, the data is accepted serially and is outputted after certain number of clock cycles....

800x600@60Hz VGA timing generation in verilog

800x600@60Hz VGA Timing generation in verilog A Quartus II 13.0 test project is also include.  The test was implemented in a Altera DE0 board.                                           &nbs...

Game All Invaders Are Belong to Us by verilog

What follows is the design and implementation of an embedded system that mimics the classic arcade game Space Invaders. This project utilizes both hardware and software capabilities of the Altera DE2 board. The implementation involves a combination of C and VHDL. We use a PS/2 keyboard, a...

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