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Customer Application - An application that acts as a system used in shops with customer & products DataBase including stock control

This is an application that acts as a system that is used in shops. It includes a customer DataBase i.e. it can hold a DataBase f customers with several details. It also has a products DataBase i.e. the application can hold a list of products the shop sells. Finally, it also has an orders DataBase f...

Students DataBase.

DataBase Students for microsoft access.Have norma and studens.A DataBase is an organized collection of data. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring this information....

CV DataBase

The CVDB system is aweb application for manage CV of employees. User can view employee information,employee history or current project of him. Beside user can manage assignments,manage skills, and export CV as document. We implement this application by using User Profile Service to manage employee p... DataBase basic

This code demonstrates basic operation performed in visual studio 2010 with sql DataBase. It shows the operations like insert ,update,delete and retrieving data in different manners . it also shows concepts like namespace,classes, basic controls,method,reusablity of methods i...

A perfect DataBase operation program, with additions and deletions to search and sort capabilities

A perfect DataBase procedures, change search and sort functions are added or removed, and runs perfectly....

Based on user-built DataBase of music recognition and retrieval software

Using Matlab to develop software, by crawling into the song's pitch (pitch tracking) plotted the frequency of the  sound changes and lubrication (smoothing) Deal with frequency variation ratio of songs in the DataBase to  calculate similarity Top10 songs and shows....

QT connect MySql DataBase queries

Mainly in VSual Studio 2010 version in preparation qt + QT5 connection to the DataBase code!...

Registration interface and connect to the DataBase code

Simple Registration interface and socket connection to the DataBase section, users, passwords, log in, register, reset, and IP addresses. Suitable for beginners....

C # implementation for Oracle in VS2010 DataBase deletion interface display and check the modified source code

Using the c # language in VS2010, realize the connection to the Oracle DataBase, create tables, add, query, modify, delete, data display and interface, provides the complete sample source code....

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