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Matlab image 顯 follows stub du Xie

Matlab image format most often led into indexed images (Indexed Images) Obviously as shown in this image type grammar is as follows: image(X) colormap(map) Where x because of image information Matrices, Pan map into color Matrices. Pan size of Matrices into Kx3, each consist of three GE GE H...

Matlab core functions

On the kernel function code, written in Matlab, you can take a look at, where there is need to improve contact me, there are specific sets of data in it, you can set the import data check results...

Matlab Pearson type III distribution fitting

This programming with Matlab, draws a chance Yu Haisen data grid on paper, distribution of data scatter Yu p-ⅲ curve around, and can be used to obtain data for compliance with Pearson type III curves, through maximum residual norm values fit to judge the effectiveness and Further you can ch...

Matlab program for inpainting

This is the program for filling the damage portion of an image . It uses a patch sparsity method for filling the missing region. This project code is done in Matlab. It is so efficient and run easily....

Matlab Piano

Plays and records tones with a piano-like interface. Can change the type of wave that is generated, the length of the tone by adjusting the time signature or selecting a different type of note, and can output the recorded tones to a .wav file. The .wav output feature might be buggy becuase it was no...

Matlab video tracking

Single Gaussian background modeling  Multi-Gaussian model to detect moving targets  Motion Detection  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  More than three folders. Accompanying video data to achieve the goal of detecting image for target tracking to do next, laying the...

Matlab RFID

Here are some personal improvements binary algorithm using Matlab simulation, the results were good, good advice if you do not know or have can give me a message, thank you...

Matlab R2007 basic tutorials, complete information

包括Matlab R2007b简介、基本使用方法、数组和数组运算、矩阵的代数运算、Matlab的数学运算、字符串、单元数组和结构体、Matlab R2007b程序设计...

Matlab simulation integration environment of--Simulink

Matlab的仿真集成环境——Simulink ,给出了在MATLAB语言的动动态仿真集成环境SIMULINK下进行交流调速系统仿真的方法,并以SPWM变频调速为例,介绍了SIMULINK仿真结构图和电机的S函数仿真模型...

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