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marching cube algorithm

Marching cubes one instance of the program. Using OpenGL and c++ to write, understand, beginners to try. MC algorithm is an algorithm in three-dimensional images are often used to specifically see Baidu encyclopedia, rotating cube code drawn in three,...

Facedetection In labview

this code uses labview USB camer with opencv to detect face using a wrapper dll with labview array templet implimention...

fuzzy C means clustering algorithm

FCM algorithm is an unsupervised learning method, select K As the number of clusters, N Samples were divided into K Class, and have greater similarity within classes, which have a smaller similarity between its Euclidean distance is used as a measure of similarity, that is, the smaller the distance...


Introduction:The LZW algorithm was patented by Unisys. It has been used in modems (standard V42 bis) and is still used in digital image formats GIF or TIFF files and audio MOD.L algorithm was designed to be fast to implement, but is most of the time not optimal because it performs a limited analysis...

A Membrane Computing inspired Genetic algorithm

Membrane computing isa new field of computer science under natural computing introduced by Paun Gh.about a decade ago. P system, as it is sometimes called, has some inherent benefitswhich include communication ability and parallelism advantage. Membrane Computing uses some rules for its operations....

Target detection and tracking

Website source code easier for everyone to find Efficient Online learning Structured Output Learning for KeyPoint-Based Object Tracking the source code in this paper help you save some time here...

Kruskal algorithm

Kruskal's algorithm is a greedy algorithm in graph theory that finds a minimum spanning tree for aconnected weighted graph. This means it finds a subset of the edges that forms a tree that includes every vertex, where the total weight of all the...

MATLAB-based research on time-frequency characteristics of two-dimensional Gaussian low-pass filter and its application to mimic the Point spread function (PSF:Point spread function) in the application of image degradation modeling

Use fspecial Function to generate a two-dimensional Gaussian Low-pass filter, drawing its time-domain and  frequency-domain one, two and three dimensional graphics, understanding Gaussian The temporal characteristics  of the filter ( PSF Model) and frequency-domain characterist...

Brightest Point in the eye

To find the brightest Point of an  eye in an image. This is done by face detection then eye detection using inbuilt matlab function.  The brightest Point is found by converting to Lab....

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