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This is a AMBA APB Bridge Implementation in VHDL. This includes Master, Slave and Test bench to Test The Bridge. I have tested in Modelsim....

Matrix control based on VHDL

1, fixed red character or shape, adjustable display brightness level 4, with a btn buttons brightness, brightness changes the Visual effect as far as possible is obvious.From red to green for 2, 8 gradient display a fixed Chinese characters or graphics.3, respectively, with a single looping, left-ri...

Using the VHDL language action LCD1602

This control is the use of VHDL language LCD1602 to display simple clock code. LCD1602, as the name suggests is a 02*16, that is two rows of 16 columns LCD, liquid crystal in two lines, can display 16 characters per line, but CGRAM and CGROM with a total of 160 characters, including numerals, letter...

Design of multifunctional modem based on VHDL

Modem is in the transmitter by modulation and converts the digital signal into an analog signal, and through it at the receiver demodulation of a device that converts analog signals to digital signals. The program written in VHDL language, implements binary amplitude shift keying (2ASK) modulation a...

Basic VHDL Programs

Basic VHDL Programsare present in this rar file.The programs describe logic circuit  by functions.<span style="font-family:"">...

VHDL-based design and analysis of digital clock

Digital Clock is a digital circuit implementation, minutes, seconds, timing devices, compared with the mechanical clock has a higher accuracy and intuitive, and no mechanical devices, with longer life, so it has been widely use. In principle figure is a typical digital circuit, including combination...

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