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Milky way solar systems opengl

2014-12-01 04:52    By:wgzlwl      View:9      Download:0

galaxy and solar system source program on opengl...

OpenGL C++

Developed using OPEN GL based on simulation of VC++6.0 robotic arm movement program

2014-12-17 02:08    By:Mayafei      View:39      Download:0

Original development was established in a VC++ environment visual simulation environment for opengl, animation rendering mechanism, fog and lighting effects, using a multilevel memory pushed out of the warehouse operations, achieving multi-level movement of the robotic arm showed. Compared to other...

OpenGL Visual C++


2014-12-16 09:40    By:2322024211      View:51      Download:0

这是一个用C++和opengl图形库,写的加载obj格式的文件源码。可以实现对多种模型文件的读取。介绍了当今流行的三维作图工具Maya,阐述了Maya生成的OBJ三维格式,如何将OBJ格式文件在opengl(OpenGraphic Library)中进行输入和处理。重...

OpenGL C++
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