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opengl sample programs

2015-03-17 06:52    By:wbq5174      View:17      Download:0

This procedure press the a and r to switch the keyboard effects used to test depthopengl (Open Graphics Library written) is the definition of a programming language, cross-platform programming interface specification, it used a three-dimensional image (two-dimensional). opengl is a professional grap...

OpenGL C++

opengl Fireworks particle system

2015-03-15 07:19    By:tymregina      View:10      Download:2

opengl Fireworks particle system simulation is mainly used for Fireworks, for opengl C++ beginners of particle systems, where there is a very good application, can also be used as a new card or a meaningful gift, to send people. I hope you enjoyed and learned from what they want....

OpenGL C++

Milky way solar systems opengl

2015-01-18 20:13    By:wgzlwl      View:10      Download:0

galaxy and solar system source program on opengl...

OpenGL C++

Developed using OPEN GL based on simulation of VC++6.0 robotic arm movement program

2015-01-11 10:39    By:Mayafei      View:41      Download:0

Original development was established in a VC++ environment visual simulation environment for opengl, animation rendering mechanism, fog and lighting effects, using a multilevel memory pushed out of the warehouse operations, achieving multi-level movement of the robotic arm showed. Compared to other...

OpenGL Visual C++

VC++ application of opengl technology to achieve dynamic radar interface

2015-03-28 02:38    By:ylx      View:11      Download:1

VC++ application of opengl technology to achieve dynamic radar interfaceAppWizard has created this spp application for you.  This applicationnot only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classesbut is also a starting point for writing your opengl application.This file conta...

OpenGL C++

Caustics opengl

2015-03-15 22:27    By:samrez      View:6      Download:0

opengl-rendering of Underwater CausticsUnderwater environments look quite different from above-water environments. Think about swimming underwater in a swimming pool. Light hitting the rippling surface of the water creates focusing effects or "caustics" on underwater surfaces (such as the...

OpenGL C

Computer graphics opengl Programming Guide, seventh edition source code

2015-03-28 03:11    By:Joey      View:14      Download:0

This is the computer graphics opengl Programming Guide, a book that is relevant source code, are not my original work, but forget ber the exact link where                         &...

OpenGL C++


2015-03-27 03:28    By:2322024211      View:55      Download:0

这是一个用C++和opengl图形库,写的加载obj格式的文件源码。可以实现对多种模型文件的读取。介绍了当今流行的三维作图工具Maya,阐述了Maya生成的OBJ三维格式,如何将OBJ格式文件在opengl(OpenGraphic Library)中进行输入和处理。重...

OpenGL C++

opengl Rubik's cube

2015-03-17 12:25    By:boychen      View:19      Download:1

An introduction to the opengl program "3D Rubik's cube", compiled with VS2005 directly for them to work....

OpenGL C++
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