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bouncing ball game

2015-11-23 18:42    By:你好      View:242      Download:0

An innovative game that is controlled with the mouse. Steer you spacecraft ball around the screen and pickup speed by bouncing off the walls. The goal isAn innovative game that is controlled with the mouse. Steer you spacecraft ball around the screen and pickup speed by bouncing off the walls....

OpenGL C++

Cnnonball game

2014-12-06 17:42    By:harsh      View:19      Download:0

Cannon ball Java game which has  cannon and can shoot targets its a 2d java project and which will help in learning GUI development...

Java Development Java

Basic Shapes using opengl-C++

2015-11-14 08:19    By:chande      View:32      Download:0

This project is for displaying simple basic shapes in Microsoft Visual C++ Express: The basic shapes are Triangle, Square, Pyramid and Pentagon. It doesn't have any key Interactions... opengl as a Graphic library it offers great features, this is just a simple program for the begginers to get...

Windows C++

opengl Draw 3D instrument

2015-11-03 22:26    By:jipengwudi      View:433      Download:5

Draw 3D using opengl and MFC instrument, by "option to set the instruments parameters->" you can set the  starting and ending point of the instrument dial scale, scale,Min/max value, unit and the meter pointer indicates the value of the current Press the left arrow and arrow ke...

OpenGL C++

Dozens of small examples of opengl

2015-10-05 11:31    By:lin三      View:107      Download:0

The whole tutorial was made by nehe  Course content by dancingwind (Zhou Wei) and gameDev and volunteer translation of CSDN First translation should be made CKER Complete (Chapter 1~12) Note: authorized by the dancingwind this tutorial posted on http://www.yakergo...

OpenGL C

opengl tutorial

2015-11-06 00:58    By:ruanyx      View:329      Download:4

Source code compile with CMAKE. Altogether 18 programs, divided into program code and shader code, each run separately. In the playground, you can write your own opengl program....

OpenGL C++

Most comprehensive opengl development tools library

2015-11-27 02:45    By:monday_l      View:165      Download:4

Most comprehensive opengl development tools library- just download this one, no need to look for others. Glut, Glu, Glaux, Gl tools library included....

OpenGL C

Tank 3D with opengl

2015-11-28 03:44    By:prime122      View:222      Download:4

Tank 3D with opengl...

Game Visual C++

opengl and MFC joint programming plot point

2015-11-04 03:23      View:61      Download:6

using the C++ language, using opengl in MFC realize the point cloud display, and points to a text file. Based on point cloud coordinates txt text reading, three dimensional display of point clouds, and includes mobile zoom function. For an entry-level friends learning opengl....

OpenGL C++

Simulation of three-axis manipulator opengl

2015-09-21 23:11    By:xiongjiezk      View:115      Download:4

Based on the MFC project using opengl draws a three dimensional model of three-axis industrial robot, moving along the line, you can add a coordinate system, the overall effect is very good....

OpenGL C++


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