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java's Base64 encryption and decryption

Use sun.misc.BASE64Decoder.jar encryption string encryption support Chinese characters, not garbled. Switched network, the source address can not be found, thanks to original author, now dedicated to you....

java graphics editing software, source code

Using java development, application source code to achieve similar Visio features-Using similar function in java to develop and realize a Visio application source code...

java student management system

java student management system, java information student system will let a school to better manage his student...

java version of Eclipse-based development tool integration tool

Currently in the development of java, version for integration there is no better tool, this is my version of Eclipse development tools for java-based development integration tool

java to add a picture watermark

java method implemented as a way to add a picture watermark. With detailed comments. Easily drawing watermarks to images....

java platform of NetBeans module development

Modular development with java source code navigation tree sheet tables, click on the left to implement the right of the event. Can customize the Add tree node, you can also delete tree nodes. To modify the sheet form...

java example HMAC digest

java instance summary of HMAC series, HMACMD series is realized, HMACSHA series digest algorithm, the corresponding binary conversion;...

java score management system

Score management system description System name: Student score management system Main function: 1. record the student's name, student number, date of birth. 2. Recording mathematics, English. 3. adding data. 4. Modify the data. 5. to delete the data. 6. To vie...

java tool package

Contains samples for java development. Which can be used for multimadia, conferance. Services are accesible via personal mobile services. The service allowes a user to transmit her voice from the mobile device to the embadded audio-system of the room....

java version of the simple fishing game

Program is the teacher's learning materials, relatively simple, for beginners to learn. To work correctly, move the nets by moving the mouse, click the left mouse button fishing, the effect is very good, have a complete picture, use threads, running display dynamic results. Consists of three parts,...

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