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UDP/RTP sent in real-time PCR intervals TS stream sample

2015-11-13 01:03    By:shangxiuyong      View:66      Download:0

real-time send the TS stream, select UDP or RTP, flow PCR within time intervals when it is sent in order to ensure the smooth rate, real-time send the TS stream...

Multimedia Visual C++

real-time motion edge detection

2015-11-05 05:05    By:THOO      View:18      Download:0

This is an demo implementation by the author ofOh et. al., real-time Motion detection based on Discrete Cosine Transform, ICIP 2012.Thanks....

Algorithm Matlab


2015-05-18 10:41    By:白宇      View:34      Download:0

JFreeChart to achieve real-time charts, embedded in the tabs Panel, public class TestrealtimeChart{ public static void main(String[] args) { JFrame frame = new JFrame("Test Chart"); realtimeChartPanel realtimeChart = new realtimeChartPanel(); JTabbedPane tabPanel = new JTabbedPane();...

Java Development Java

AABB collision detection

2015-07-28 23:08    By:初见      View:30      Download:2

Use the AABB algorithm for collision detection between objects, objects using triangle patch, triangular patch of the algorithm enters two objects and collision detection time and other information. AABB algorithm is used to analyse the two objects, collision detection, object using triangles, said...

Graph C++

matlab audio data real-time acquisition and play in time

2015-09-28 07:51    By:yangxp01      View:35      Download:0

matlab audio data real-time acquisition and play tools which realized by C source code, very easy  to use for audio simulation in the matlab. at the same time, the project supply the voice active detection algorithm. please enjoy it....

Matlab Matlab

real time Cepstral analysis of speech

2015-10-12 02:06    By:rrish      View:9      Download:0

This is a code to obtain the cepstral coefficients of any speech signal real time. The code makes the user speak into the computer using a mike and then does the real time cepstral analysis of the spoken words. The length of the speech file can be varied according to requirements. After recording th...

Matlab Matlab

Space-time Codes and MIMO Systems

2015-11-12 23:59    By:1028293781      View:95      Download:0

Space-time Codes and MIMO Systems The technical descriptions, procedures, and computer programs in this book have been developed with the greatest of care and they have been useful to the author in a broad range of applications; however, they are provided as is, without warranty of any kind...

book Matlab

TEM320 DSP280x CPU time setting

2015-05-26 09:24    By:gsmlkk      View:29      Download:0

Texas 儀 DSP CPU time of the DSP280x Setup program, have been in the standard pad 測 試 sometimes! chasing after the normal!!!...

dsp C

Empirical orthogonal function (PCA) estimation for EEG time series

2015-11-04 08:34    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:187      Download:0

This source contains the empirical orthogonal functional analysis (EOF) calculation for an individual or population of EEG power spectrum multivariate time series. The zip file contains several versions of the code useful for different contexts, including code that returns only the first EOF versus...

Matlab Matlab


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