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单片机常用子程序, 单片机常用子程序

Subroutine used single-chip, single-chip common subroutine, microcontroller used subroutine...


Microcontroller Programmer common subroutines, programming time can use a simple modification....

PEER TO PEER P2P 点到点 多线程断点续传的实现。 珍贵资料啊~~ 如果不能下载 请到 免费下载...

PEER TO PEER P2P point-to-multi-threaded HTTP implementation. Valuable information ah ~ ~ If you can not download the free download go to

on VB image processing as a good use of the ah. We try to use what ah

on VB image processing as a good use of the ah. We try to use what ah...

Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) ns2 code

it contains GPSR protocol codes in NS2. In wireless networks comprised of numerous mobile stations, the routing problem of finding paths from a traffic source to a traffic destination through a series of intermediate forwarding nodes is particularly challenging. When nodes move, the to...

51 single-chip computer commonly used subroutines

I upload the others to write, it is best not to download. See can. Including the hex compiler are inside, as long as keil copy and paste can be very simple.............. This is mainly a compilation in the document set can be...

Matlab script encyclopedia

Summarizes all the usual small programs to avoid at the time the program writes the same thing repeatedly, what are you waiting for, get to see the fruits of my labor, certainly not regret it...

P2P chat software (full source code) Delphi, imitation QQ, similar to Ali Wong

P2P chat software DELPHI all the source code, without encryption, complete components, debugging is very simple and convenient! Send a message online or offline, and can customize the message font, color, size and other information, support insert emoticons, screen capture. Support multiplayer dialo...

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