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网络电话] 视频会议H323终端myconf V1.01, 2005

telephone network] H323 video conferencing terminal myconf fixes, 2005-04-07, 0, 594 KB. [Video] Video managed to Build 2004, 2005-04-07, 0, 8.28 MB ... Other Programming ] source data file generator V1.0.2 2005-2015-04-07, 0, 243 KB. [backup] data rescue V1.0, 2005-04-07, 0, 3.28 MB...


the procedures used by the Player interface interface. Call Manager by the createProcessor (), to get a Processor Interface cited examples of specific code : processor = Manager.creatProcessor (ml)// According to media positioning objects, samples of a processor...


some video processing tools for video-related handling operations...

Screenshots, X264 encoding, transmission JRTP client

Application backgroundThe realization of the PC end of the screenshots, X264 encoding, the use of JRTP network to send H264 packets, and save to a local file. As for how to play after, is my current task. Resolved to upload the complete...

Ffmpeg format conversion to talk about AVI to Mp4

Application backgroundRealize the use of AVI to achieve ffmpeg file transcoding MP4 file function, using the latest ffmpegSDK implementation...

MFC LAN video surveillance source (including the server can be client)

Application backgroundMFC LAN video surveillance source (including the server can be client)...

Multimedia intelligent interactive management system

Application backgroundIOS video real time interactive intelligent control   multimedia service...

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