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Online community finding Algorithm

Finds communities in networks with a submodular Algorithm based on the optimization of Newman's modularity. The Algorithm finds a weakly optimal community partition of the network....

Standard PSO Algorithm source code in C++

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Also called Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms (Particle Swarm Optimization), abbreviations for PSO, is developed in recent years, a new kind of evolutionary Algorithms ((Evolu2tionary Algorithm-EA). Procedure verified to use, we hope to help....

HMM Algorithm

Contents of this directory PROGRAMS  * Simple HMMs *  simpledemo.m - Simple demo of HMM code hmm.m - hmm code hmm_cl.m - code for calculating likelihood for an hmm  * Factorial HMMs * fhmm.m - factorial HMM code (exact Algorithm -- very slow) pmhmm.m - fact...

TSP based on hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and optimization speed advantages, but at the same time easy to convergence of the Algorithm, optimal values into local problems. Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm using the genetic Algorithm, through the introduction of selection, crossover and mutation, improv...

TSP Algorithms based on simulated annealing Algorithm

Simulated annealing (Simulated Annealing, referred to as SA) traditional methods for solving TSP problems intractable provides an effective approach and general framework, and gradually developed into an iterative Adaptive heuristic probabilistic search Algorithms. To solution different of nonlinear...

Compile the principles of top-down parsing Algorithm programming

Down parsing Algorithm program design experiments compiler theory top  "Compiler theory" is the College of Computer Science and Technology of an important professional foundation courses is to train computer applications and software systems development, maintenance needs talent and s...

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