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Linux下块设备的驱动的3种实现模型, 包含工程的Makefile, 有详细的讲解, 可编译加载并挂载, 向里面拷贝数据,格式化等等, 是学习Linux块设备驱动的有力工具。...

YUV player under Linux

Under Linux using GTK and SDL libraries YUV player can play purely YUV data before I choose a good resolution, choosing the right play. Zip code, executable files and PPT documents....

C++ threading library under Linux

C++ threading library under Linux, also can be used for reference. Scheduling threads needs to be optimized, otherwise excessively high processor usage...

C fly under Linux IP Messenger

C language under the Linux version of IP Messenger, feature LAN chat, transfer files, and so on. Some notes for easy learning...

Linux LAN chat

Applicable to chat system under Linux have text chat and file transfer capabilities to save local chat messages. And qtcreator source development....

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