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Python version of the GEP

  Python version of the more detailed GEP, including algorithms of GEP. Process and GA processes of GEP algorithm is very similar to the GEP object can be a single gene or multiple genes of chromosome (genetic groups). Gene formed from linear, fixed-length strings....

KNN classification machine learning package mobile number

KNN mobile package machine learning classification. Mobile number for packages using the KNN classification classification. Enter a mobile phone number to classification in input.txt. Run the KNN, generates, output.txt results....

IDEA algorithm in Python

   idea.c - C source code for IDEA block cipher.   IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm), formerly known as   IPES (Improved Proposed Encryption Standard).   Algorithm developed by Xuejia Lai and James L. Massey, of ETH Zurich.   This implem...

User-based collaborative filtering algorithm

User-based collaborative filtering algorithms, data source using MovieLens. Its core thought is, according to system in the user on project of has score data, calculation target user and other user (or project) Zhijian of similar degrees, then according to get of similar degrees for sort, select sim...

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