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RSA encryption and decryption

2015-10-28 02:31    By:loveisgl      View:164      Download:2

RSA encryption and decryption...

Algorithm C++

RSA crypt library RSA encryption and decryption library

2015-09-30 11:02    By:ccavniu      View:177      Download:1

RSA encryption library, relevant examples. Des,AES,RSA commonly used encryption algorithm...

Algorithm C

RSA encryption

2015-09-20 11:02    By:vishnu      View:47      Download:1

RSA encryption Algorithm to encrypt a string or plaintext into a ciphertext and again to decrypt the ciphertext into original or plaintext....

Algorithm Java

RSA encryption and decryption algorithm

2015-09-20 04:27    By:q686993      View:78      Download:2

RSA encryption and decryption algorithms written in c, with test function, capable of producing or loading a decryption key, after successful loading the key to encrypt and decrypt...

Windows C

RSA encryption by matlab

2015-11-26 15:27    By:bab129      View:52      Download:0

NPUT: Required modulus bit length, k. OUTPUT: An RSA key pair ((N,e), d) where N is the modulus, the product of two primes (N=pq) not exceeding k bits in length; e is the public exponent, a number less than and coprime to (p-1)(q-1); and d is the private exponent such that ed ≡ 1 (mod (p-...

Matlab Matlab

1024-bit RSA encryption algorithm

2015-11-27 01:04    By:a254591139      View:288      Download:8

Description of the RSA algorithmSelect two large prime numbers with the same length, p and q , Calculate the product:n = pqThen pick a random encryption key, make e, (p-1) (q-1) are prime numbers from each other.Finally, calculate the decryption key d use Euclid extended algorithm to meet the requ...

verilog Verilog

RSA encryption

2015-09-14 21:14    By:MANSOUR      View:28      Download:0

RSA is an algorithm for public-key cryptography that is based on the presumed difficulty of factoring large integers, the factoring problem. RSA stands for Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, who first publicly described the algorit...

Matlab Matlab

RSA encryption algorithm c implementation

2015-11-23 12:35    By:陌路樱花泪      View:105      Download:1

RAS encryption algorithm c language source code, including the large prime numbers, verify that the primes are coprime, generated a key pair for the file encryption and decryption...

Algorithm C

RSA crypto

2015-10-17 06:32    By:davens      View:39      Download:0

This source code is used to test the RSA encryption and decryption operation, results were verified then measured, ' you can use this product in PSE-FIFA Gong Yao Yao/private encryption and decryption of your files....

android Java

RSA key generation tool

2015-10-28 03:11    By:fa2422257754      View:72      Download:0

RSA secret key generation of open source tools, research and RSA encryption is useful. This tool allows you to easily deal with encryption, decryption, and message authentication. You no longer need to write complex code, simply provide the processorID or Mac address...

Algorithm C


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