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Advanced encryption Standard

AES (Advanced encryption Standard) is a standard encryption algorithm. It uses sub bytes transformation, polynomial multiplication, etc. whose definitions are customized for encryption. Please refer the verilog code attached. Open it through Xilinx ISE 12....

algorithm origin RSA with library GMP on visual studio 2013

this  is my code, i used library gmp combine with  c language  when code. I compiled on Visual studio 2013. my program is calculate values for public key n, e, secret key d and after store in file text. the Program have 3 function is calculate, last session of work, generate...

Image encryption based on the RGB PIXEL Transposition and Shuffling

Abstract — Privacy is one of the key issues information Security addresses. Through encryption one can prevent a third party from understanding raw data during signal transmission. The encryption methods for enhancing the security of digital contents has gained high significance in the current era...

Java database encryption and decryption

Data encryption The basic process is as a plain text file or data in some sort of 算法 For processing, making it unreadable for a piece of code, often referred to as "cipher text", so that they can only enter the appropriate 密钥 Later may not display the content through such means to achieve th...

Simultaneous data compression and encryption

SIMULTANEOUS DATA COMPRESSION,encryption AND DECRYPTION                                        &nb...

Implement VHDL-based AES encryption algorithm

Advanced encryption Standard (English: Advanced encryption Standard, abbreviation: AES), also known as Rijndael encryption method in cryptography, a block encryption standard adopted by the US federal government. This standard is used to replace the original DES, has been widely analyzed and multi-...

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