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37 cool Website backstage Framework. Rar

Background static html Website templates, very beautiful. If you're doing Web development, but I do not know how to design the interface, this file is your best choice. Beautiful background templates, interface clarity, nice, for a variety of background, basic interface and Web application Framework...


LibWebsockets is a lighstweight pure C library built to use minimal CPU and memory resources, and provide fast throughput in both directions.It supports SSL....

PHP development Framework

CakePHP is to provide ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC and other well-known design patterns, rapid-development Framework. Goal is to provide PHP developers to rapidly develop robust Web. Key features: Based on MVC architecture View support Ajax Bui...

PHP and MySQL+Web development (formerly the 4th Edition)-source code

PHP and MySQL+Web development (formerly the 4th Edition)-source code...

Materials management Web site

A materials management system built using b/s structure, Visual studio2005 development, c # development language. Database SQL2005. Is primarily a daemon at the front desk of the materials management Web site....

The source code of the score Website

1.系统基于PHP+mysql开发,你的服务器必须安装这些软件。版本必须>5.x。 2.系统内置的URL重写技术,针对搜索引擎优化SEO,你的服务器必须开启URL重写模块。 3.第一次使用,请上传程序到空间后,访问http://域名/Install/ 即可...

Web project for facial imge extraction

This is a desktop application. Many algorithms and architectures have been proposed over the years in an effort to identify an effective packet classification solution. Use of a high bandwidth and a small on-chip memory while the rule database for packet classification resides in...

Millions view Website management system v2.8

Million-view Website management system Description: Millions view Website management system is intended for Web site management system for SMEs, page fine, atmosphere. Strong stability, functionality, safety, code, quick to load, easy operation, easy maintenance of Web site content management...

Mell.js-their own JS Framework

Their own JS Framework, different from the traditional Framework. Based on process management rather than object-oriented. The Framework is a process-oriented management Framework. Object-oriented Framework for more efficient, less system resources, more controllable, more suitable for screen use....

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