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2010-08-31 17:44:51
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MFC there are two types of thread, thread workers were called and the user interface thread. The main difference between the two is artificial threads no news cycle, and the user interface thread has its own message queue and the news cycle
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Name Size Date
MultiThread6.cpp2.10 kB05-10-06 20:34
MultiThread6.dsp4.42 kB06-10-06 06:57
MultiThread6.dsw549.00 B05-10-06 20:34
MultiThread6.h1.36 kB05-10-06 20:34
MultiThread6.rc5.61 kB06-10-06 06:57
MultiThread6Dlg.cpp4.29 kB06-10-06 07:22
MultiThread6Dlg.h1.40 kB06-10-06 07:16
ReadMe.txt3.60 kB05-10-06 20:34
MultiThread6.ico1.05 kB05-10-06 20:34
MultiThread6.rc2404.00 B05-10-06 20:34
Resource.h735.00 B06-10-06 06:57
StdAfx.cpp214.00 B05-10-06 20:34
StdAfx.h1.03 kB05-10-06 20:34
UIThread.cpp956.00 B06-10-06 07:19
UIThread.h1.30 kB06-10-06 07:12
UIThreadDlg.cpp1.14 kB06-10-06 07:22
UIThreadDlg.h1.24 kB06-10-06 07:00
MultiThread5.cpp2.10 kB01-10-06 15:19
MultiThread5.dsp4.17 kB01-10-06 15:19
MultiThread5.dsw549.00 B01-10-06 15:19
MultiThread5.h1.36 kB01-10-06 15:19
MultiThread5.rc5.48 kB01-10-06 15:24
MultiThread5Dlg.cpp4.69 kB01-10-06 15:27
MultiThread5Dlg.h1.54 kB01-10-06 15:25
ReadMe.txt3.60 kB01-10-06 15:19
MultiThread5.ico1.05 kB01-10-06 15:19
MultiThread5.rc2404.00 B01-10-06 15:19
Resource.h782.00 B01-10-06 15:24
StdAfx.cpp214.00 B01-10-06 15:19
StdAfx.h1.03 kB01-10-06 15:19
<res>0.00 B04-11-06 09:31
<res>0.00 B04-11-06 09:31
<MultiThread6>0.00 B04-11-06 11:39
<MultiThread5>0.00 B04-11-06 11:39
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MFC中有两类线程,分别称之为工作者线程和用户界面线程。二者的主要区别在于人工辅助线程没有消息循环,而用户界面线程有自己的消息队列和消息循环... (24.35 kB)

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