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2013-09-27 07:49:40
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FileDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows that uses one or more files to emulate physical disks. A console application is included that let you dynamically mount and unmount files. An example of use for this driver is if you have made plans spending the weekend writing an RAID driver for NT but find you are short of disks. FileDisk can also use CD/DVD images.
Latest news: Allow to mount images without administrative privileges, works better on Windows Vista and Windows 7, support for 64-bit systems.
Screenshot of an example of use.
FileDisk will use sparse files as disk images if the underlying file system supports it. A sparse file is a file were suficiently large blocks of zeros isn't allocated disk space. To see how much disk space a file actually uses right click on the file and choose properties. If you for example create a sparse file of 4GB, mounts it in FileDisk and formats it to NTFS, it will only take up 24MB on disk but look like a normal disk of 4GB. When you copy files to it the used disk space will automatically increase.
FileDisk with support for .bin CD-ROM images.
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Name Size Date
COPYING.TXT17.90 kB2008-08-16 14:40
01.96 kB
filedisk.c11.39 kB2009-10-21 17:42
filedisk.exe7.50 kB2009-10-21 23:24
filedisk.rc2.51 kB2009-10-21 16:43
MAKEFILE267.00 B2008-08-16 14:40
sources180.00 B2009-10-14 15:35
vssver.scc96.00 B2009-10-21 23:13
filedisk.reg356.00 B2008-08-16 14:40
install.txt408.00 B2009-10-14 15:26
readme.txt3.35 kB2009-10-21 17:42
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
filedisk.h1.90 kB2009-10-21 17:43
vssver.scc48.00 B2009-10-21 23:14
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
filedisk.pdb171.00 kB2009-10-21 23:27
filedisk.sys28.00 kB2009-10-21 23:27
01.96 kB
filedisk.pdb155.00 kB2009-10-21 23:26
filedisk.sys19.25 kB2009-10-21 23:26
01.96 kB
filedisk.pdb187.00 kB2009-10-21 23:28
filedisk.sys61.50 kB2009-10-21 23:28
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
filedisk.pdb171.00 kB2009-10-21 23:31
filedisk.sys23.00 kB2009-10-21 23:31
01.96 kB
filedisk.pdb155.00 kB2009-10-21 23:31
filedisk.sys14.88 kB2009-10-21 23:31
01.96 kB
filedisk.pdb187.00 kB2009-10-21 23:32
filedisk.sys45.00 kB2009-10-21 23:32
01.96 kB
filedisk.c46.04 kB2009-10-21 20:35
filedisk.rc2.51 kB2009-10-21 16:45
MAKEFILE267.00 B2008-08-16 14:40
Sources162.00 B2009-10-14 18:16
vssver.scc96.00 B2009-10-21 23:14
vssver.scc112.00 B2009-10-21 23:13
01.96 kB
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Filedisk source (406.89 kB)

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