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Seat of the library management system

2013-11-24 03:46:16
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With the popularity of computers and the focus on libraries in colleges and universities and libraries increasingly systematic and intelligent, and made use of computer hardware or software technology to achieve secondary management of the study room. Hardware technology has been adopted as the primary development study hall management system cost, functionality, low, system scalability, low and is not widely implemented. To software technology mainly developed of study room management system relative Yu hardware for is not exists related problem, but currently related system of design research only limited to students user geography fixed Yu library, is must into library only may set block of situation, does not considered students set block time free of situation, while has some system design Qian questions are is based on campus a cartoon system, also not considered foreign user of demand situation. Was prepared on the basis of this documentation for C++ library seating system.

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plz i want this code

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Seat of the library management system (8.42 kB)

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