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Undergraduate graduation thesis edge detection algorithm

2013-11-24 03:10:10
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1 , The achievement of edge detection operator functions:

Through Visual C++6.0 realization of function of edge detection operator, Sobel operator,Prewitt operators, andRoberts operators for the function definition, and then make the function call, and they can have different effects of edge detection.

2 Comparison of edge detection operator obtained for application and TIP technical operator:

Compare get edge detection of image edge detection operator, select the appropriate TIP edge detection algorithm in technical, automatic extraction of foreground mask with the background image.

3、 Analysis of digital image cutout TIP Technical implementation:

Search the digital image cutout and read the information, and then with the above comparison of edge detection operator, analysing their TIP Pros and cons of technology.
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Name Size Date
bmpfile.cpp15.62 kB12-05-13 23:14
bmpfile.h1.53 kB11-05-13 18:32
3.bmp1.99 MB06-05-13 23:28
boat1.bmp142.37 kB16-12-12 22:45
moon.bmp1.13 MB24-05-12 20:40
veg.bmp108.05 kB11-05-13 19:23
bmpfile.obj38.53 kB12-05-13 23:14
<bmpfile.sbr>0.00 B03-05-13 16:51
MainFrm.obj14.13 kB03-05-13 16:43
<MainFrm.sbr>0.00 B03-05-13 16:43
StdAfx.obj115.29 kB03-05-13 16:43
StdAfx.sbr1.36 MB03-05-13 16:43
v01.bsc3.15 MB03-05-13 16:51
v01.exe1.36 MB12-05-13 23:14
v01.ilk1.86 MB12-05-13 23:14
v01.obj13.46 kB11-05-13 18:32
v01.pch6.96 MB03-05-13 16:43
v01.pdb2.77 MB12-05-13 23:14
v01.res11.64 kB10-05-13 23:12
<v01.sbr>0.00 B03-05-13 16:43
v01Doc.obj15.77 kB11-05-13 18:32
<v01Doc.sbr>0.00 B03-05-13 16:43
v01View.obj28.94 kB12-05-13 15:25
<v01View.sbr>0.00 B03-05-13 16:43
vc60.idb225.00 kB25-05-13 15:35
vc60.pdb388.00 kB12-05-13 23:14
GeoTest.h1.23 kB29-12-03 16:34
MainFrm.cpp1.46 kB08-11-03 20:55
MainFrm.h1.39 kB08-11-03 20:55
v01.ico1.05 kB08-11-03 20:55
v01.rc2395.00 B08-11-03 20:55
v01Doc.ico1.05 kB08-11-03 20:55
resource.h1.65 kB10-05-13 23:05
StdAfx.cpp205.00 B08-11-03 20:55
StdAfx.h1.02 kB09-11-03 15:06
v01.aps26.66 kB25-05-13 15:34
v01.cpp2.65 kB09-11-03 00:17
v01.dsp4.41 kB29-12-03 16:43
v01.dsw531.00 B08-11-03 20:55
v01.h1.13 kB08-11-03 20:57
v01.ncb89.00 kB29-05-13 22:14
v01.opt49.50 kB29-05-13 22:14
v01.plg240.00 B25-05-13 15:34
v01.rc10.41 kB10-05-13 23:10
v01Doc.cpp1.63 kB02-05-13 16:49
v01Doc.h1.43 kB08-11-03 23:53
v01View.cpp4.36 kB12-05-13 15:25
v01View.h1.86 kB10-05-13 23:07
开题报告.doc47.50 kB16-11-13 14:39
<文献综述>0.00 B34% 16-11-13
论文.doc507.50 kB16-11-13 14:38
<data>0.00 B16-11-13 14:40
<Debug>0.00 B16-11-13 14:40
<res>0.00 B16-11-13 14:40
<myedge>0.00 B16-11-13 14:40
<边缘检测>0.00 B16-11-13 14:41
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Undergraduate graduation thesis edge detection algorithm (6.19 MB)

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