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a demo for pedestrian detection

2013-12-11 21:01:03
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There is a demo for pedestrian detection and some photos for testing in this compressed file.


With the libraries of OpenCV 2.3.0, I detect the pedestrians using the default classifier. The feature is Histograms of Oriented Gradients and the classified method is Support Vector Machine.


"hog_svm_image.cpp" is detecting a series of photos whose names are in a text file.


"hog_svm_avi.cpp" is detecting from a video, just detecting one by one picture, without using tracking method.

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File list

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Name Size Date
1.jpg7.42 kB09-01-13 15:48
2.bmp148.40 kB09-01-13 15:50
3.jpg11.35 kB09-01-13 15:49
4.jpg15.58 kB11-01-13 09:47
4个行人.jpg17.88 kB09-01-13 15:43
5.jpg14.28 kB11-01-13 09:54
5_gray.jpg16.72 kB11-01-13 09:55
6.bmp148.49 kB15-01-13 10:38
BuildLog.htm13.47 kB18-03-13 17:14
haarcascade_fullbody.xml639.42 kB16-03-05 19:18
hogcascade_pedestrians.xml126.73 kB28-07-12 06:59
hog_svm_Demo.exe72.50 kB21-05-13 10:45
hog_svm_Demo.ilk528.85 kB21-05-13 10:45
hog_svm_Demo.pdb1.47 MB21-05-13 10:45
hog_svm_improved.obj277.61 kB18-03-13 17:14
mt.dep69.00 B18-03-13 17:14
Pedestrian_Detection00.exe75.50 kB18-03-13 17:14
Pedestrian_Detection00.exe.embed.manifest663.00 B18-03-13 17:14
Pedestrian_Detection00.exe.embed.manifest.res728.00 B18-03-13 17:14
Pedestrian_Detection00.exe.intermediate.manifest621.00 B18-03-13 17:14
Pedestrian_Detection00.ilk565.87 kB18-03-13 17:14
Pedestrian_Detection00.pdb1.41 MB18-03-13 17:14
vc90.idb523.00 kB18-03-13 17:14
vc90.pdb900.00 kB18-03-13 17:14
haarcascade_fullbody.xml621.73 kB28-07-12 06:59
haarcascade_upperbody.xml1,021.86 kB28-07-12 06:59
haar_cascade_image.cpp3.59 kB15-01-13 11:04
hogcascade_pedestrians.xml126.73 kB28-07-12 06:59
hog_svm_avi.cpp2.59 kB04-12-13 17:24
hog_svm_image.cpp3.68 kB15-01-13 17:02
Pedestrian_Detection00.ncb20.84 MB05-12-13 16:54
Pedestrian_Detection00.sln1.35 kB15-01-13 17:20
Pedestrian_Detection00.suo115.50 kB05-12-13 16:54
Pedestrian_Detection00.vcproj4.91 kB02-12-13 10:28
Pedestrian_Detection00.vcproj.PC-201101121716.Administrator.user1.43 kB05-12-13 16:54
per00001.ppm24.09 kB30-07-97 01:52
per00002.ppm24.09 kB30-07-97 01:52
per00003.ppm24.09 kB30-07-97 01:52
per00004.ppm24.09 kB30-07-97 01:52
per00005.ppm24.09 kB30-07-97 01:52
BuildLog.htm7.75 kB04-12-13 20:17
hog_svm_avi.obj1.50 MB04-12-13 20:17
hog_svm_Demo.exe22.00 kB05-12-13 09:52
hog_svm_Demo.pdb907.00 kB05-12-13 09:52
hog_svm_Demo.suo4.00 kB18-03-13 19:18
mt.dep69.00 B04-12-13 20:17
Pedestrian_Detection00.exe16.00 kB04-12-13 20:17
Pedestrian_Detection00.exe.intermediate.manifest616.00 B04-12-13 20:17
Pedestrian_Detection00.pdb787.00 kB04-12-13 20:17
vc90.idb299.00 kB04-12-13 20:17
vc90.pdb572.00 kB04-12-13 20:17
sample1.jpg262.44 kB27-02-13 16:13
sample2.jpg178.10 kB27-02-13 16:14
sample3.jpg175.97 kB27-02-13 16:14
streetPedestrians.mp41.60 MB04-12-13 16:45
test.jpg87.15 kB07-01-13 17:06
test1.jpg48.75 kB07-01-13 18:22
test2.jpg55.68 kB08-01-13 16:47
verysmallimage.jpg1.10 kB16-01-13 11:41
单个行人.jpg21.00 kB09-01-13 15:42
小孩不笨.avi12.10 MB22-01-13 16:43
<Debug>0.00 B05-12-13 16:55
<Release>0.00 B05-12-13 16:55
<Pedestrian_Detection00>0.00 B05-12-13 16:58
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a demo for pedestrian detection (20.51 MB)

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