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2013-12-12 05:22:28
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利用 Socket Write chat program

Windows Socket And the basic concepts of socket

Socket, the handle is a pointer to the transport provider. Win32 , socket is different from the file descriptor, so it is a separate type-SOCKET. Windows Sockets description defines a Microsoft Windows network programming interface, which is from the Unix Socket on the basis of the development of, for Windows TCP/IP Provides a BSD Specification for sockets, in addition 4.3BSD Unix Sockets Fully compatible, but also includes an expanded file through a collection of additional A PI 实现 Windows (即事件驱动) Programming style; Winsock Are in Microsoft Windows Network application programming interface. Windows Internet control field in the TCP/IP Protocol defines a Winsock network programming specifications, incorporating many new features. Using Socket 's goal is to make users work on the network protocol and network protocol is required in respect of the very in-depth understanding. In addition, the written program can also be quickly ported to any of the supported Socket Networking System.

Winsock Provides a way to specify the transport protocol to open, calculations and the ability to close the session. Windows Xia,TCP/IP upper layer model to a large extent, with the user's Winsock application; in other words, the user's Winsock application controls all aspects of session and, if necessary, Also according to the program's need to format data.

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01.97 kB
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Client.csproj3.58 kB2013-11-25 20:54
Form1.Designer.cs6.66 kB2013-11-25 21:41
Form1.cs3.01 kB2013-11-25 21:41
Form1.resx5.68 kB2013-11-25 21:41
Program.cs487.00 B2013-11-25 20:23
01.97 kB
AssemblyInfo.cs1.33 kB2013-11-25 19:45
Resources.Designer.cs2.80 kB2013-11-25 19:45
Resources.resx5.48 kB2013-11-25 19:45
Settings.Designer.cs1.07 kB2013-11-25 19:45
Settings.settings249.00 B2013-11-25 19:45
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Client.exe11.50 kB2013-11-25 21:47
Client.pdb25.50 kB2013-11-25 21:47
Client.vshost.exe11.33 kB2013-11-26 21:32
Client.vshost.exe.manifest490.00 B2010-03-17 22:39
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Client.Form1.resources180.00 B2013-11-25 21:47
Client.Properties.Resources.resources180.00 B2013-11-25 20:54
Client.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt835.00 B2013-11-26 21:32
Client.exe11.50 kB2013-11-25 21:47
Client.pdb25.50 kB2013-11-25 21:47
DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferences.cache4.34 kB2013-11-25 21:04
DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferencesInput.cache6.12 kB2013-11-25 21:47
GenerateResource.read.1.tlog312.00 B2013-11-25 21:47
GenerateResource.write.1.tlog718.00 B2013-11-25 21:47
ResolveAssemblyReference.cache7.71 kB2013-11-25 21:21
01.97 kB
Client.sln860.00 B2013-11-25 19:45
Client.suo20.50 kB2013-11-25 22:14
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Form1.Designer.cs7.52 kB2013-11-25 21:59
Form1.cs7.55 kB2013-11-25 21:59
Form1.resx5.88 kB2013-11-25 21:59
Program.cs487.00 B2013-11-25 20:50
01.97 kB
AssemblyInfo.cs1.33 kB2013-11-25 20:28
Resources.Designer.cs2.80 kB2013-11-25 20:28
Resources.resx5.48 kB2013-11-25 20:28
Settings.Designer.cs1.07 kB2013-11-25 20:28
Settings.settings249.00 B2013-11-25 20:28
Server.csproj3.58 kB2013-11-25 20:50
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Server.exe13.50 kB2013-11-26 20:49
Server.pdb29.50 kB2013-11-26 20:49
Server.vshost.exe11.33 kB2013-11-26 20:54
Server.vshost.exe.manifest490.00 B2010-03-17 22:39
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferences.cache4.34 kB2013-11-25 21:42
DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferencesInput.cache6.12 kB2013-11-26 20:49
GenerateResource.read.1.tlog312.00 B2013-11-26 20:49
GenerateResource.write.1.tlog718.00 B2013-11-26 20:49
ResolveAssemblyReference.cache7.71 kB2013-11-25 21:47
Server.Form1.resources180.00 B2013-11-26 20:49
Server.Properties.Resources.resources180.00 B2013-11-25 20:50
Server.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt835.00 B2013-11-26 20:54
Server.exe13.50 kB2013-11-26 20:49
Server.pdb29.50 kB2013-11-26 20:49
01.97 kB
Server.sln860.00 B2013-11-25 20:28
Server.suo19.00 kB2013-11-25 22:14
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Socket chat (104.50 kB)

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