ITK读入DICOM数据,VTK进行显示。该程序是itk和vtk联合使用的例子,适合初学者。-This program realizes the combination of ITK and VTK to read in and display D...">
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2013-12-22 23:21:21
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family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;background-color:#FFFFFF;">ITK读入DICOM数据,VTK进行显示。该程序是itk和vtk联合使用的例子,适合初学者。-This program realizes the combination of ITK and VTK to read in and display DICOM image.
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Name Size Date
4.1.1_ImageCreate.cpp1.19 kB27-01-11|17:37
4.1.1_ImageCreate.vcproj5.62 kB27-01-11|17:21
4.1.1_ImageCreate.vcproj.MIL.chaogao.user1.39 kB27-01-11|17:38
4.1.1_ImageCreate.exe.embed.manifest663.00 B27-01-11|17:08
4.1.1_ImageCreate.exe.embed.manifest.res728.00 B27-01-11|17:08
4.1.1_ImageCreate.exe.intermediate.manifest621.00 B27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate.obj1.53 MB27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate.pch3.06 MB27-01-11|17:21
BuildLog.htm251.70 kB27-01-11|17:36
mt.dep66.00 B27-01-11|17:36
stdafx.obj14.80 kB27-01-11|17:21
vc90.idb1.02 MB27-01-11|17:36
vc90.pdb1.85 MB27-01-11|17:36
ReadMe.txt1.33 kB27-01-11|16:24
stdafx.cpp304.00 B27-01-11|16:24
stdafx.h461.00 B27-01-11|17:21
targetver.h765.00 B27-01-11|16:24
4.1.1_ImageCreate.ncb15.14 MB27-01-11|17:38
4.1.1_ImageCreate.sln917.00 B27-01-11|16:24
4.1.1_ImageCreate.suo9.00 kB27-01-11|17:38
4.1.1_ImageCreate.exe16.38 MB27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate.exp36.40 kB27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate.ilk20.38 MB27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate.lib60.15 kB27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate.pdb23.92 MB27-01-11|17:36
Debug0.00 B27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate0.00 B27-01-11|17:37
Debug0.00 B27-01-11|17:36
4.1.1_ImageCreate0.00 B27-01-11|17:15
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