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Simplex method for objective optimization of xinanjiang model parameter calibration

2014-04-19 07:22:00
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1953 United States mathematician G.B. Danzig for improved simplex method of accumulated rounding errors in each iteration, modified simplex method is proposed. Roughly the same basic steps, and the simplex method, the main difference is in the successive iterations no longer based on Gaussian elimination, but directly by the inverse of the old array to new array to calculate the inverse, and then determine the number of tests.    Doing so can reduce the accumulated error iterations, improves the accuracy, but also reduces the storage on your computer. Optimum seeking method in mathematics is to find a faster more accurate calculation method of extreme value of function. 1953 United States mathematician j. Kiefer made a single factor and 0.618 optimization which fraction method (also known as the Golden law), later parabola method is proposed. As for two-factor and multi-factor optimization method, it involves more complicated issues, methods and ideas are more commonly used dimensions reduction method, the blind hill climbing method, the gradient method, mixed method, randomized trials and experimental design, and so on. A wide range of application of optimum seeking method, applied mathematician, in a production enterprise in China has yielded results.    Enterprises in the research on new products, new technology, instrumentation, device debugging using optimization method can quickly and with smaller experiments to find better solution, without adding equipment, materials, manpower and material conditions, shorten, improving yield and quality, reduced costs, and more. Xinanjiang model was proposed by the University of a hydrological model, is one of the few Chinese world influence of hydrological models. Xinanjiang model is the dispersion model, can be used in humid and sub-humid areas of wet season. When the area is small, the lumped model xinanjiang model, when the area is large, using block model. It into block elements basin-wide basin, runoff calculation of each watershed, come to the watershed outlet flow process. Then export the following channel flood routing, find the discharge process of the outlet of the basin.    Basin outflow process each unit added River's total flow is obtained. The code used simple shaped method and objective optimization method two species parameter rate set in the most common of method for hydrological model xinanjiang model of parameter rate set, in model in the full considered has day information and period information,, will its for processing in database in the, while used ODBC and local path two species method reads database, best of solution has hydrological model in the parameter rate set of method calculation, module of of parameter rate set method more for yú beginners application.

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Data.mdb7.67 MB2014-03-02 15:28
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teechart.ocx1.46 MB2014-02-20 14:44
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Data.mdb5.32 MB2000-01-27 18:37
01.97 kB
FrmCW.frm11.68 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmCW.frx1.12 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmDXAJ.frm32.39 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmDXAJ.frx4.06 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmFE.frm12.80 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmHXAJ.frm33.19 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmHXAJ.frx4.06 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmMain.frm4.25 kB2014-02-20 14:44
FrmSimplex.frm21.36 kB2000-01-27 16:31
FrmSimplex.frx1.60 kB2000-01-27 16:31
arro012.GIF1.10 kB2014-02-20 14:44
arro013.GIF1.28 kB2014-02-20 14:44
MSSCCPRJ.SCC213.00 B2014-02-20 14:44
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ModDailyXAJ.bas20.00 kB2014-02-20 14:44
ModFunctions.bas5.66 kB2014-02-20 14:44
ModHourlyXAJ.bas18.87 kB2014-02-20 14:44
ModOptimaDC.bas13.30 kB2014-02-20 14:44
ModOptimalHC.bas13.14 kB2014-02-20 14:44
modVariables.bas2.08 kB2014-02-20 14:44
?-????-??-?+-?--?????=(-?+?).exe324.00 kB2014-02-20 14:44
?-????-??-?+-?--?????=(-?+?).vbp1.92 kB2000-01-27 17:03
?-????-??-?+-?--?????=(-?+?).vbw556.00 B2014-03-20 15:00
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Simplex method for objective optimization of xinanjiang model parameter calibration (2.77 MB)

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