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Handwritten digit recognition system, VC++

2014-04-29 10:46:32
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Handwritten numeral recognition system .vcproj
This is the main project file using the "Application Wizard" generated by the VC ++ project. It contains information about the generated files Visual C ++ version of the information, and information about using the "Application Wizard" platform of choice, configuration and project features.
Handwritten numeral recognition system .h
This is the main header file for the application. It includes other project specific headers (including Resource.h), and declares CFigureApp application class.
Handwritten numeral recognition system .cpp
This is a class that contains the application CFigureApp main application source files.
Handwritten numeral recognition system .rc
This is a list of programs that use all of the Microsoft Windows resources. It contains the icons, bitmaps, and cursors stored in the RES subdirectory. You can edit this file directly in Microsoft Visual C ++. Project resource in 2052.
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File list

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Name Size Date
<手写数字识别系统>0.00 B23-06-04 17:27
手写数字识别系统.ncb75.00 kB23-06-04 15:10
手写数字识别系统.sln938.00 B10-06-04 21:00
手写数字识别系统.suo10.50 kB23-06-04 15:10
<手写数字识别系统>0.00 B23-06-04 17:27
手写数字识别系统.vcproj4.78 kB23-06-04 14:58
ReadMe.txt2.69 kB10-06-04 21:00
手写数字识别系统.h951.00 B23-06-04 13:59
手写数字识别系统.cpp1.92 kB23-06-04 13:59
FigureDlg.h1.68 kB23-06-04 13:45
FigureDlg.cpp5.36 kB23-06-04 13:47
stdafx.h1.44 kB20-06-04 20:07
stdafx.cpp145.00 B10-06-04 21:00
InputWnd.h2.43 kB23-06-04 15:04
手写数字识别系统.rc6.78 kB23-06-04 13:45
手写数字识别系统.aps58.80 kB23-06-04 13:45
InputWnd.cpp10.01 kB23-06-04 13:50
Resource.h1.10 kB20-06-04 01:56
info.dat6.52 kB23-06-04 15:08
InputDlg.h357.00 B11-06-04 00:42
InputDlg.cpp483.00 B11-06-04 00:42
<res>0.00 B23-06-04 17:27
手写数字识别系统.rc2358.00 B10-06-04 21:00
手写数字识别系统.manifest691.00 B10-06-04 21:00
手写数字识别系统1.ico21.12 kB10-06-04 21:11
手写数字识别系统.ico24.12 kB15-07-01 00:24
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Handwritten digit recognition system, VC++ (79.10 kB)

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