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2014-06-09 23:09:30
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Desert module registration call free the desert plain-English version of the module. E
Disclaimer. This software entirely out of personal interest, which I developed in my spare time, and is a safe, green, reliable software products. II. any software works by using the software, and I had nothing to do. III. the software is not for any games or game developers, if some people from using illegal game support of software development, I will reserve the right to pursue civil and criminal liability. IV. as a result of using this software to any accidents, negligence, damage, defamation, copyright or intellectual property infringement of contract and any loss caused by, I shall not be liable for, and shall not be responsible for any civil or criminal liability. V. functional description of the Software Wizard button the program syntax to describe, but no any relationship with official Wizard button. VI. When you first start using any software provided by himself and resources at the moment, will be considered to all content which endorses this statement. While you must agree to the above disclaimer, before using the software and resources. If you have any objections, suggestions immediately delete the software and resources and stop using it. VII. these topics, I reserve the right of final interpretation.

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Name Size Date
dm.dll756.42 kB31-12-12 18:08
RegDll.dll48.00 kB13-06-13 00:51
大漠多线程调用例子.e67.50 kB16-10-13 04:48
大漠接口说明.CHM1.08 MB31-12-12 17:07
大漠纯英文版免注册模块.ec92.86 kB16-10-13 04:45
大漠纯英文版模块.e95.23 kB16-10-13 04:44
大漠综合工具.exe840.00 kB31-12-12 17:02
<大漠纯英文版模块和源码_附多线程调用例子>0.00 B16-10-13 04:48
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Desert module (2.33 MB)

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